Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
 Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours




                                                       Shirt: NY&CO/

                                                       Blouse: H&M/
                                                       Pants: Mango/
                                                       Oxfords shoes: Mango/
                                                       Bag: Michael Kors/
                                                       Belt: Old Navy/
                                                       Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/
                                                       Watch: Burberry/
                                                       Bangle Bracelet: Hermes/



57 Comments on fiery R.E.D.

  1. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-10-18 at 12:46

    Exactly like that- combine red, orange plus u- and we have fire!:) Great combo!;)
    Jelena (

  2. Ulrika
    2011-10-18 at 13:31

    Hi love,

    You look smashing ! The bright red pants look wonderful on you, and I love the beige Oxford shoes !

    Kisses !


  3. Daniella
    2011-10-18 at 18:44

    This outfit is beyond perfection!!!! I love the colours and the preppy,chic styling!!!!! Those brogues really set this look of perfectly!!!!! I hope you know how much i adore your style!!!!

    Daniella xox

  4. Britney
    2011-10-18 at 19:55

    Lovely :) I love colors and the outfit look stunning . Hope u can follow back

  5. Proctor&Cruz Designs
    2011-10-18 at 21:25

    just amazing outfit put together with great taste
    love the pictures and their mood.
    thank you for coming by our blog,p&cxxx

  6. Stephanie Ayu
    2011-10-19 at 00:45

    first off, thanks for your comment ^_^

    i have always loved how unafraid you are to use color, yet you always look so polished. another job well done!

  7. sacramento
    2011-10-19 at 08:09

    Thank you so much for your kind commment.
    Do come back soon.

  8. Sam
    2011-10-19 at 13:35

    Such an amazing look. You look gorgeous!



  9. lepinkbow
    2011-10-20 at 02:54

    love your outfit! those jeans look perfect on you! (:

  10. Anonymous
    2011-10-20 at 09:58

    hello,dear…you look beautiful,as always!…i think that you walk on a rainbow trail!!!!!!!!!!…you know,fashion is not something that exists in dresses,pants,…only;fashion is in the sky,in the street,fashion has to do with ideas and the way we live!!!!!!

  11. Qhule
    2011-10-20 at 11:57

    Love the colours in this outfit,,,you have such a great boby,,,everything looks perfect on you:)))

    2011-10-20 at 15:29

    Love this look! As you know I already have a thing for pink and red – perhaps i’ll see you in cobalt next?

    Hope you’re well cupcake!

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