Sweater: Vintage/
                                                    Skirt: Forever 21/
                                                    Wedge Bootie: Sam Edelman/
                                                    Clutch: Michael Kors/
                                                    Sunglasses: Nine West/
                                                    Ring from my friend Mihaela Tarhuna (HERE)
                                                    Cuff bracelets: Liz Claiborne/ 


66 Comments on Burgundy

  1. Vertiginoso
    2011-10-20 at 19:34

    WOow AND as nicely worn Burgundy (undoubtedly) symbolizes Fall’s uber understated § appealing Soul I (shyly) can’t Help BUT say Here Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Borjana
    2011-10-20 at 20:42

    Such a unusual mix of colors and it looks great,love it!The skirt is my fave shape!;)

  3. Vanja Milicevic
    2011-10-20 at 20:50

    burgundy is probably my favorite color for this winter! :) you look great dear, shape of your skirt suits you perfectly, lovely combo!
    and you should wear that clutch often, you have plenty of reasons! ;)

    hugs and kisses!

  4. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-20 at 21:01

    @Vanja ,thank you ,definitely a great color and work perfectly in this fall!
    @Jelena .thank you very much !
    @ Ishea ,I smile always :) but in photos not to much right? :)))

    Thank you each one of you for these beautiful comments!

  5. Marija
    2011-10-20 at 21:31

    Beautiful skirt and very chic combination ;)
    Like it so much!!

  6. Marija - This is a fashion blog!
    2011-10-20 at 23:19

    Hahaha, these days we’re all in love with burgundy! :D At the moment I have a post with the same name, and I’ve seen, let’s say, 3 or 4 “Burgundy” posts on other blogs :)))
    Anyway, your version is lovely! That sweater looks so warm and cozy and I like this combo, with the skirt and stuff :)))

  7. Ulrika
    2011-10-21 at 05:47

    I adore this outfit !

    This is my most favourite colour combination: burgundy and navy. Love,love,love the way they match your hair colour. LOVE THE WEDGES ! (Sorry for shouting, I just like them a lot)
    It’s great to see you in a short skirt, you look ten feet tall (in a good way, of course)

    Kisses !


  8. vanda
    2011-10-21 at 06:08

    You are an inspiration for me as soon as I open your blog! Love every single cm on this outfit: perfect shoes,thights, skirt and that amazing sweater! Yes, the clutch is the CHERRY on the cake. You just made my day!(It is 09:00 am in Greece now!)

  9. fashion meets art
    2011-10-21 at 06:47

    good morning beauty! thanks for your lovely comment! it makes me so happy =)
    can’t help, but your husband has a really really good taste! like mine :) i love this bag and this sweater looks amazing to your hair! love it!
    these are my favourite sunnies. you have lot’s of sunnies, or? :)
    wish you a wonderful day, my love! if i have a little more time, i ‘ll write you in fb!
    lovely greets,



  10. GoNcha GoNcha
    2011-10-21 at 08:22

    loved your style. great outfit. I just became follower of your blog. have a Cupcake week!!!

  11. Sianna
    2011-10-21 at 08:51

    Ah burgundy! I’ve always loved burgundy and aubergine, so it’s my fave this season. Great outfit. I really like the sweater and the boots.

  12. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-21 at 12:18

    @ Maren my dear thank you for this wonderful comment, you are so sweet :)
    @Vanda, I just wake up,it is 8.00 am here and you make my day also!!! thank you !!
    @ Ulrika dear : 10 feet tall? o great !:))) thank you my dear !

    thank you all for those really great comments!


  13. Erika
    2011-10-21 at 12:25

    I must say, u look absolutely stunning in that sweater top, GORGEOUS. And ur ring, I’m in love!!!! U have some great sense of style dear :)

    ps: thx so much for ur lovely comment on my post, really appreciate it! I’m following ur amazing blog now! Pls do follow mine too if u haven’t already, it’ll mean so so much to me, thx! :)


  14. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-10-21 at 18:27

    I’m so hooked up on this deep color lately, I even bought burgundy boots!:D Great combo with navy!! U look adorable, but your legs look so thin here!:Dlol
    Have a great weekend hun!! kisses
    Jelena (glamfabchameleon.blogspot.com)

  15. Oxana
    2011-10-21 at 20:24

    You look very, very beautiful! I really like the color of your sweaters! *_* =))

  16. jamie
    2011-10-22 at 05:37

    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) you’ve got a new follower, girl! and i love your blog, great style<3

    xx jamie

  17. Birgit
    2011-10-22 at 07:15

    The color of that sweater looks greaton you! Great outfit!

  18. Sammie
    2011-10-22 at 09:07

    the blue clutch looks great against burguny,never imagined that :)
    you really know how to play with colors


  19. Stasha
    2011-10-22 at 14:02

    The Clutch is adorable, I love blue with burgundy, nice mix! U look amazing in that skirt, I just adore this outfit!!!

  20. Kasia
    2011-11-25 at 22:30

    Thank you for your comment my dear!
    I really like your outfit posts & I’m following you now!
    Follow me back! ;)
    Kisses, Kasia:)

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