Bittersweet Colours
 Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours


                                                           Sweater: Levis/
                                                           Shorts: H&M/
                                                           Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman/
                                                           Sunglasses: YSL/
                                                           Bangle Bracelets: H&M/
                                                           Watch: Burberry/
                                                           Belt: Michael Kors/
                                                           Bag: Isaac Mizrahi/



69 Comments on P I N K of the month

  1. Joyce
    2011-10-16 at 16:36

    I love your outfit! You look great, those shorts are such a pretty color :)

  2. Sianna
    2011-10-16 at 17:43

    The boots are so beautiful! And they work great with the bag. Amazing look as always

  3. Alice /// VESTIGIAL WINGS
    2011-10-16 at 18:03

    that silver H&M bracelet….loooove. i’m jealous, its way too cute. Also you really pulled off that angora-ish sweater! Daring to wear bright shorts with it but you really rocked it!

  4. Daniella
    2011-10-16 at 20:53

    Oh how i am in love with your bag!!!!! Amazing styling my dear!!!!

    Daniella xox

  5. Melissa
    2011-10-17 at 09:23

    You look gorgeous!!! I wish I could still wear shorts without tights! You have a great style!! That bag is fantastic! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Follow each other? Besos!

  6. Borjana
    2011-10-17 at 11:35

    Ohhh bare legs,lucky you!Love the sweater,it looks so cozy!
    Those boots are amazing!They will go with everything!

  7. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-10-17 at 12:11

    My beauty I loveeee this pink and black combo but u got me with orange details!;)
    Jelena (

  8. Sammie
    2011-10-17 at 14:47

    pretty pink :) your bag is very special


  9. yuma
    2011-10-17 at 16:23

    Awesome look dear!Pink is hot;) I want pink item.


  10. Vanja Milicevic
    2011-10-17 at 17:09

    i cant even describe how much i love shorts with boots, and boots on bare legs, this is my favorite combo!
    and those boots are gorgeous! love the whole combo, great photos as usual sweetie!
    have a nice day!

  11. Denise Pacurar
    2011-10-17 at 22:38

    I really like these boots! I also love how you added the red belt and accessories! Nice touch!

    xoxo- Denise

  12. Charlotte Aimée Clarke
    2011-10-17 at 23:50

    Love the contrast of the pink and red; whoever made these silly fashion rules that pink and red and black and navy don’t go together ehh? Gorgeous as always :)

  13. Ivory
    2011-10-18 at 00:54

    You wear this sweater so well! Quite the inspiration!

    Ivory x

    2011-10-18 at 01:37

    You’re in my fave colour darl and you look terrific! I’m so envious of your warm weather right now and those shorts!

  15. Miss Rubio
    2011-11-06 at 19:32

    I am obsessed with this outfit. Love your blog, you are stunning. Now following. xx. Iris

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