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                                                   Jacket: London Jean/

                                                   T-shirt: Zara/
                                                   Jeans: Mango/
                                                   Oxfords shoes: White Mountain/
                                                   Bag: Dooney & Bourke /
                                                   Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/
                                                   Ring : Glitterrrings/
                                                   Cuff bracelet: Chanel/





113 Comments on The day after Saturday

  1. Sammie
    2011-11-20 at 13:44

    the chanel cuff is very eyecatching :) your jacket looks good with the red pants


  2. Za Lemore
    2011-11-20 at 14:10

    love that have some great pieces..

    Hope your enjoying your weekend!



  3. sara
    2011-11-20 at 14:13

    love the combination with this leather pants and this gorgeous jackeeet :)

  4. carmen
    2011-11-20 at 14:22

    Ciao! am si eu modelul asta de blug si-mi place cum i-ai combinat!

  5. Birgit
    2011-11-20 at 15:01

    great outfit, love your jeans, great color. and that bag is lovely! And again, stunning sunglasses !


  6. Melissa
    2011-11-20 at 16:17

    I like the trousers! Have you ever heard that you look a little bit like Kristen Stewart?

    xxx VCR

  7. Borjana
    2011-11-20 at 16:27

    I love red pants+striped t shirt combination,I really should wear it more often:)Gorgeous jacket!

  8. Theresa
    2011-11-20 at 17:40

    I like so much this look¡

    Love the jacket + red jeans..

    Kisses from El Bazar de Theresa.

  9. Oxana
    2011-11-20 at 18:13

    Oh, you look very beautiful! this jacket and bag so pretty! love your style =))

  10. Diane
    2011-11-20 at 20:36

    I just love the striped shirt with those red jeans! Your jacket is so great too!

  11. Jony
    2011-11-20 at 21:45

    First time visiting your blog and I’m hooked!
    Love this outfit, the red pants combined with the striped shirt; great!
    Was wondering what kind of lens you use for your camera?

    xo Jony

  12. Daniella
    2011-11-20 at 23:01

    You are looking amazing my dear!!!! Love how you have styled those red trousers with the wardrobe staple striped top and the military style jacket!! Perfection!!

    Take care,Daniella xox

  13. aelie
    2011-11-21 at 04:48

    Absolutely amazing outfit! I’m in love with coloured jeans at the moment, and I love how you’ve styled yours! x

  14. Francesca R
    2011-11-21 at 07:56

    Veronica you look great!!! You know that tomorrow i’ll post a similar blazer???

  15. Jo Bao
    2011-11-21 at 09:23

    Beautiful, I really love your red pants, they are really NICE! You put this outfit quite well!

  16. dimitri
    2011-11-21 at 11:00

    It’s a beautiful look. Lovely colors.
    I love your bag and your bracelet. Nice photos.

  17. signature mix
    2011-11-21 at 16:15

    I just love everything about this look especially the combination of stripes and red pants. That Chanel cuff is just incredible too.

  18. Staff Piusc!
    2011-11-21 at 17:42

    I like the jacket so much! Great outfit. I follow you with pleasure. Thanks for passed to me.

  19. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-11-21 at 17:43

    Very cute Sunday look, indeed perfect for that day! I love your pretty red jeans!;) kisses
    Jelena (
    Glam Chameleon Jewelry giveaway

  20. tarracostyle
    2011-11-21 at 20:23

    hola, me gusta tu estilo. la chaqueta es preciosa , queda genial con el pantalón rojo.

  21. acertainshadeofblack
    2011-11-21 at 20:53

    Hey! Love your outfit!!! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. For details see my latest post. Enjoy your Day!

  22. Indy
    2011-11-21 at 21:31

    Wow, that jacket was meant to be paired with those awesome pants!

    2011-11-22 at 09:03

    This has to be a fave colour combo of mine! Great trousers! The jackets is gorgeous too!
    Lovely to see back with some bold colour!

  24. No victims, No fashion
    2011-11-22 at 14:14

    THANKS FOR VISITING ME and post a comment in my blog! These days I’ve been watching all your posts and outfits!
    Are you a model??? Your style is so elegant and nice! And you are beautiful!!!

    I love your blog, I’ll visit you daily..

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