bittersweet colours
 bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet coloursbittersweet coloursbittersweet coloursbittersweet coloursbittersweet coloursbittersweet coloursbittersweet colours

                                                   Leather Jacket : Martin+Osa/
                                                   Top: Victoria Secret/
                                                   Skirt: Forever 21/
                                                   Flats: Gap/
                                                   Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson/
                                                   Ring : Glitterrings/
                                                   Bracelets : H&M/
                                                   Clutch : vintage/
                                                   Necklace: DIY /





165 Comments on La vie en rose!

  1. Dora
    2011-11-22 at 13:30

    The blush in skirt is so pretty!
    and maybe a DIY for the necklace :P


  2. Sammie
    2011-11-22 at 13:36

    love the feminine romantic skirt paired with the leather jacket :)


  3. fashionmagnolia
    2011-11-22 at 13:55

    I’m in love with this look! Skirt is perfect and I love it with leather jacket, it make it much cooler!

  4. Kayleigh
    2011-11-22 at 14:21

    Wow so beautiful,what a gorgeous pastel,girly colour and you look gorgeous in the black and white photo,so classic x

  5. Rochelle's Closet
    2011-11-22 at 15:53

    Hi Veronica you always look gorgeous and very stylish you are one of my inspiration so I chose to give you the Versatile Blogger Award, if you dont want it just ignore it


  6. Nazlı B
    2011-11-22 at 16:03

    really nice blog ! i follow u , hope u will come back :)

    stay with love

    kisses !

  7. CR
    2011-11-22 at 16:08

    Beautful look! Love the contrast of the flowy pink skirt with the leather jacket.


  8. Slađi
    2011-11-22 at 16:23

    Omg you look gorgeous! Love the skirt and pictures are absolutely amazing!

  9. K. Cruz
    2011-11-22 at 19:35

    This is like sweet biker-chick, the skirt is amazing and the jacket’s so edgy!

  10. Daniella
    2011-11-22 at 19:48

    Stunning look sweetheart!!! I love how you have combined the edgy leather jacket with the super pretty and feminine skirt!!! Your necklace adds such a great touch and i adore how unique it is. :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  11. Despina A
    2011-11-22 at 20:40

    Gorgeous,beautiful,sweety,amazing(ok everything) skirt!

  12. marykate
    2011-11-22 at 21:03

    wow !!!! lovely skirt !!!!!
    amazing photos and blog !!!
    thank you for your comment <3

  13. Jessi
    2011-11-22 at 21:52

    Love your outfit! The billowy pink skirt looks great against the tough leather jacket :) I like the gold accents and the necklace!

  14. Borjana
    2011-11-22 at 22:31

    Ohhh I think I’m in love with your skirt!Forever and ever!:)

  15. Manuela
    2011-11-22 at 22:50

    Tu falda es preciosa…y genial la combinacion!te sigo.
    Gracias por comentar en mi blog
    Besitos desde

  16. aelie
    2011-11-22 at 23:45

    What a beautiful outfit! That skirt is absolutely stunning x

  17. Katrina
    2011-11-23 at 01:06

    The combination of the leather against the soft pink is so unexpected and it works! Awesome! :)

  18. Fabiana
    2011-11-23 at 08:56

    the skirt is really pretty and the outfit is great on you!

  19. dimitri
    2011-11-23 at 10:46

    Perfect mix of colors and great look.
    Your skirt is absolutely perfect.
    Nice photos as always.

  20. rolala
    2011-11-23 at 15:05

    Pretty skirt! Love the blush color and the way you paired it with the leather jacket.

  21. Shelly
    2011-11-23 at 15:49

    I really like the way you dressed! Perfect mix! I follow you, follow me back if you like my blog.


  22. Carla McCarthy
    2011-11-23 at 15:52

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m totally in love with your art! That’s a beautiful necklace, matching with the whole outfit!

    New follower! :)
    Xo from Florida

  23. The Chic Sheet
    2011-11-23 at 17:27

    Love your colorful skirt as well! It seems great minds think a like ;)


  24. Marisa
    2011-11-23 at 17:27

    OMG i’m so in love with your skirt Veronica!! You look absolutely beautiful!!!


  25. dina vanessa mercado
    2011-11-23 at 17:57

    lovely pics!!! you are very charming and your outfits incredibly great!!! love the skirt so chic…great post..kissess!!!

  26. TMRK
    2011-11-23 at 18:58

    great great great blog!

    check out mine if u have not yet :)

  27. Birgit
    2011-11-23 at 22:40

    why are all of your clothes always so pretty?
    I love that skirt so so much! It’s just gorgeous!


  28. la suite
    2011-11-23 at 22:45

    Que falda tan preciosa.Me encanta el outfit

    Besotes suiteros.Estamos de sorteo

  29. signature mix
    2011-11-24 at 00:26

    Great feminine maxi skirt especially with the edgier leather pieces. I love the necklace you made. So cool and unique. I want one too!

  30. TiasaurausRex
    2011-11-24 at 01:03

    Ok I wish I was as cool as you!
    That is absolutely darling! I am so inspired, you look so beautiful, I love this and your skirt and the jacket and just how you put that all together :]
    I just found your blog and im in love
    i will follow you now
    Follow me back?

  31. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-11-24 at 09:01

    Yes u might call this look “edgier side of romance”!:) U look great, I love this blushing shade of skirt, it’s magnificent piece!!
    Jelena (
    Jewelry giveaway on my blog finishes tonight! Enter before it’s too late!:)

    2011-11-24 at 17:03

    great! I’ve got similar skirt and I love it :) your necklace it’s also fantastic! I’m your new follower :)

  33. Maria Oliveira
    2011-11-24 at 19:03

    Hi, I came to know your blog, loved, and I’m following!
    Blog Congratulations and much success here!

    I invite you to meet my Blog and if you can follow, you will be welcome, feel at home!

    Kisses from Brazil!

    Oh,have a translater on the end of my Blog,enjoy!

  34. CMA
    2011-11-24 at 20:06

    this is awesome, keep it up! i’ll definitely be coming back!
    and i hope you’ll come by and visit sometime soon!

    2011-11-24 at 22:39

    Wooow girl, you are amazing!! i cant belive, your style is perfect!! i love this blog!:)
    Im your new follower!!:)
    Big Kisses from Poland:)

  36. theROOM
    2011-12-01 at 11:06

    God! Your blog is such a discover for me!
    You´ve got a new follower ;)

  37. Katie
    2011-12-01 at 21:17

    I just fell in love with this skirt. Well, the whole outfit. The skirt has that ‘effect’ of being stylish but comfortable at the same time.

    That is now on my: I must have it list.

    Neat blog.


  38. Julieta
    2011-12-03 at 00:27

    I love this look, the mix of feminine and tough rocks!!! you look beautiful!

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