bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
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bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours




                                                        Sweater: Carolyn Taylor/

                                                        Leather Shorts: Forever 21/
                                                        Ankle Boots: Sam Edelman/
                                                        Bag : Liz Claiborne/
                                                        Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/
                                                        Cuff Bracelet: Chanel/
                                                        Necklaces: DIY /



92 Comments on Subtle tones..

  1. Paula
    2011-10-28 at 20:19

    I absolutely love the shorts, bag and bracelet! The necklace is gorgeous as well, well done you! Oh, I´ve liked your facebook page hun, hope you like my facebook page too :)

    Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Vertiginoso
    2011-10-28 at 20:38

    WOow AND this (so elegantly embodied, with such haughty serenity) colorful neutrality suits you very well !!! I (especially) would vote FOR this soft brown, its timeless § understated vibrancy, charming far beyond trends’ whims I must add Dear . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  3. Domi
    2011-10-28 at 20:42

    I love your style. You are perfect and love the photos. So much elegance

  4. Janiece
    2011-10-28 at 20:54

    Beautiful necklace! I love it. It works great with the rest of your outfit.

  5. Joyce
    2011-10-29 at 03:02

    Wow I love your outfit! Your shorts and necklace are both amazing :)

  6. Ulrika
    2011-10-29 at 05:38

    Loving the outfit, the leather shorts are gorgeous ! Love all the details, the zippers and the DIY necklace. And you do look great in neutral colours too, although that’s no surprise. :)

    Kisses !

  7. Amanda
    2011-10-29 at 09:18

    I freaking love your blog! your style is amazingly flawless! I love that necklace wow!

  8. Michal
    2011-10-29 at 09:46

    your outfit is so classy!!
    love your blog. i’m following you:)

  9. Bravoe Runway
    2011-10-29 at 16:14

    you look beautiful as always. I cannot believe you found those suede shorts at F21! They look great on you!

  10. Pearl
    2011-10-29 at 18:04

    Those shorts are from forever 21!? I would have never guessed! You look so classiy and beautiful! I do love all your looks.
    Thanks for stoping by!


  11. Daniella
    2011-10-29 at 21:00

    I am so in love with this beautiful,chic and stylish look!!!! You look amazing my dear. Cant get over how gorgeous that necklace is!!!!

    Daniella xox

  12. Romwe Online
    2011-10-30 at 03:20

    the necklace is awesome,so does the short the quality
    romwe streetfashion blog, pay a visit? kisses

  13. Quinn B
    2011-10-30 at 03:36

    You’re gorgeous! I love the shorts and they look great with the white top and bag! Cute boots, too.

  14. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-10-30 at 07:56

    Statement necklace & clutch, there u have me!:D Love this look!!!! Have a great day sweetie!!! kisses
    Jelena (

    2011-10-30 at 08:30

    So in love with this NON-Colour look of yours, by far one of my faves! Gonna tweet this doll!

    So smple, so chic!

  16. Gear
    2011-10-30 at 09:11

    wow, like your style!! very nice :), follow each other with google?xoxo

  17. Borjana
    2011-10-30 at 14:42

    WOW,one of the best I’ve seen lately!The bag and shorts are fab!Love the pictures!

  18. Nina
    2011-10-30 at 15:43

    perfect styling, top to bottom, love it!

  19. Alex
    2011-10-30 at 19:25

    Ok, this outfit and your blog are amazing!!

    Would be great if you visit me on my blog too!

  20. fashion meets art
    2011-10-31 at 09:05

    my love, this is a wonderful combination! i love the necklace as well. you know i adore selmade things :) have you seen my newest post?! it’s DIY (shorts).
    wish you a wonderful week.
    btw i think you can wear everything, colour or nude look, everthing looks fantastic on you!!
    <3 maren

  21. Marija
    2011-10-31 at 12:05

    You look very nice in these colors!!!
    And necklace is so beautiful! Good work ;)

  22. Julieta
    2011-10-31 at 16:10

    wow!!! This is one of my favorites V!!!!! you look so chic and stylish, your necklace is a great statement piece, and those booties fit this outfit perfectly!!

  23. Charlotte Aimée Clarke
    2011-11-01 at 01:53

    Absolutely in love with your shorts, bang on trend.
    Love the extra of the luxurious Chanel as well; good job getting in there without it over shadowing the rest of your outfit!

    Beautiful as always :)

  24. Pretty Affair
    2011-11-01 at 07:59

    girl, you are a stunner in this outfit!! i have a couple of leather shorts in black, oh, how i wish i had bought them in tan too! ;-) x

  25. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-11-01 at 14:58

    @ Denise ,I made these jewelry for fun and no! I don’t have a Etsy shop.

    Thank you very much all for those wonderful comments!

  26. Vladoa
    2011-11-03 at 07:55

    hmm, geanta…pantalonii…bratara…mi-ai inseninat ziua! :)

  27. K. Cruz
    2011-11-03 at 16:54

    I love your sense of style, it’s really original and classy, btw those shorts are super amazing with that sweater!

  28. Jayme and Mendi
    2011-11-03 at 20:33

    Love this outfit!! The necklace is so pretty – it’s even nicer to know that you made it! :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  29. Gogo Garantzioti
    2011-11-07 at 21:27

    thank you for your comment gorgeous!your blog is one of my favourites!!so it.kisses from Greece

  30. JoanaGL
    2011-11-09 at 11:28

    OMG! I’m in love with your blog ❤
    I’m following you, obvious!
    You have lovely outfits in lovely colors :)

    Loooved this one, perfect colors, perfect cloths.

    Thank you so much for comment my blog :)


  31. Daysha
    2011-11-10 at 22:37

    This is too great!! The shorts and boots look really cute together :)

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