bittersweet colours
 bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
                                                        Sweater: Vintage/
                                                        Pants: Mango/
                                                        Oxfords Shoes: White Mountain/
                                                        Bag: Vintage/
                                                        Scarf: DKNY/
                                                        Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/
                                                        Bangle Bracelet: Liz Claiborne/

103 Comments on Orange & Camel

  1. Gear
    2011-11-01 at 14:13

    thank you dear for your comment, lovely blog and great style you have! can we follow each other on google? kisses

  2. M
    2011-11-01 at 14:48

    nice way to beat the winter blues! love the combination of colours xx

  3. Sam
    2011-11-01 at 15:49

    Great outfit and I love your colour combination!


  4. Daniella
    2011-11-01 at 15:59

    The colours of this look are beautiful!!! And i love the slightly 60s styling!!! Adore the touch of your little green scarf tied to your super cute bag!!!
    Your chicness amazes me!!!

    Daniella xox

  5. Vertiginoso
    2011-11-01 at 16:15

    WOow so I don’t want to sink in sycophancy BUT you (decidedly) have a (so understated) ability to play with all types of chromatic shades, to better emphasize their multi-faceted subliming potential Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  6. pepa
    2011-11-01 at 17:49

    Love your pants and bag!

    Kisses from pepa:X

    2011-11-01 at 18:25

    Hello colour! I love tangerine and it looks fantastic on you sweetpea.
    That white bag/brogues are too gorgeous though!

    Wishing you a wonderful month pretty thing.

  8. fashion meets art
    2011-11-01 at 19:30

    i honey, i’m soooo sad: i love your bag and when i scrolled down i saw: vintage :-( i want it, this bag is so beautiful. i love the size, the colour, it looks fantastic! where can you buy such wonderful bags?!?! in germany you can’t :( saaaaaaaaaaad!
    btw: ORANGE is your colour! :-)
    thanks for your super sweet comments!
    kisses and hugs,

  9. fashion meets art
    2011-11-01 at 19:33

    btw: it would be so nice if you’ll answer my questions at my blog on the right side! thanks so much, dear! :*

  10. Reichel
    2011-11-01 at 20:31

    I like so much the sweater and the oxfords! They’re unusual and you looks very cute :)

    Follow each other?
    kisses from

  11. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-11-01 at 21:20

    @Maren ,I find all those vintage bags in antique shops and consignments shop, for sure you have this kinda shops there !

  12. Birgit
    2011-11-01 at 21:59

    I love that Yellow jumper. I want loads of yellow items as well. But till now I haven’t got any. good reason to go shopping ;)

  13. Polly
    2011-11-01 at 22:11

    Ah I LOVE your trousers! Such a great colour

  14. Delvy
    2011-11-02 at 03:04

    i love your outfit color..super pretty and fresh,,
    thanks for dropping by my blog..
    following you.. :)

  15. Ulrika
    2011-11-02 at 06:55

    I absolutely love the white accessories with this colourful outfit ! Well done, my dear.

    Hope you had a scary Halloween :)

    Kisses !


  16. Lúcia
    2011-11-02 at 13:26

    wow! interesting combination of colours! it’s actually cool!
    thanks for commenting!

  17. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-11-02 at 18:19

    Love love love orange pants, this is so great line!!! Beautiful olive green scarf as well! Well combined sweetie!! kisses
    Jelena (

  18. Claudia_M
    2011-11-02 at 22:08

    You have a pretty style and you are so beautiful!! I follow you. Thanks for visiting my blog. Kisses from mynicestworld

  19. Oxana
    2011-11-04 at 16:59

    Very beautiful outfit! You look perfect! This sweater, shoes and sunglasses…<3

  20. Qhule
    2011-11-06 at 15:33

    Wow, this is just too beautiful, the outfit and the photography is PERFECTION:)

  21. Emanuel I.
    2011-11-20 at 17:58

    Ai un blog super-tare!
    Felicirari si binenteles “Follow”…
    Salutari de acasa…

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