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bittersweet colours
 I love my mom's dress
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                                                           Dress: vintage, my mom/
                                                           Sandals: Asos/
                                                           Cuff bracelet: St.Thomas/
                                                           Ring: Glitterrings/




93 Comments on Christmas photos and a NEW haircut

  1. Dora
    2011-12-29 at 13:59

    Ai un brad minunat!Ce frumos,sunt convinsa ca mama ta se va bucura sa vada ca ai incercat sa o aduci mai aporape de tine,purtand rochia ei :)

  2. Charlotte Clarke
    2011-12-29 at 14:05

    Your Christmas decorations a beautiful; i am extremely jealous of your tree also.

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and wish you an even better new years Veronica!

  3. Sianna
    2011-12-29 at 14:30

    Now that’s what I call Christmas spirit. Everything’s so beautiful. And such a big tree <333
    And the pictures with the puppy are so cute. And the Lindt chocolates- mt favourite <3

  4. dimitri
    2011-12-29 at 14:46

    These photos are so lovely.
    I really like your dress, she’s so pretty.
    Cute dog !

  5. Despina A
    2011-12-29 at 19:12

    Your home and your christmas tree are so nice!
    Happy New Year’s Eve!

  6. weak-point
    2011-12-29 at 20:03

    Your puppy is so cute! I like your christmas tree :) Prada Milano is one of my favourite perfume :)

  7. Domi
    2011-12-29 at 20:10

    You look stunning in this dress and with new haircut! and I love your room. So elegant. Love the Louis Ghost chair and old fashioned sofa :) Perfect place!

    2011-12-29 at 21:12

    Awww, gorgeous photos! I also have the Prada perfume, it’s one of my faves and those chocolates… Also a fave of mine at Christmas!


  9. Sabrina
    2011-12-29 at 21:22

    precioso el salon, y el vestido! Feliz Navidad ^^

  10. Daniella
    2011-12-29 at 21:38

    Such a beautiful post sweetie!! You look stunning and i love your hair :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  11. fashion meets art
    2011-12-29 at 21:38

    hey veronica, love your dress and the new hair cut. the curls suits you so good. and your dog….so cute.
    lovely greets from tirana,

    2011-12-29 at 21:55

    Your photos, your dog, your christmas tree and your look is very BEAUTIFUL!
    With love from Chişinău!

  13. Winnie
    2011-12-29 at 22:30

    That tree is MAGNIFICENT! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and hope you have a fab new years too!

  14. Sia
    2011-12-29 at 22:31

    I love your tree, but I love your hair even more. x

  15. Carly
    2011-12-29 at 23:06

    Beautiful and festive dress….you look lovely:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours. Beautiful photos from Christmas..what a gorgeous tree you had!!!
    Def following along:)

  16. Jelena MS
    2011-12-30 at 00:59

    Beautiful tree,and gorgeous you:))Love your dress,your hair,your photos!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear!

  17. Rhe Beep
    2011-12-30 at 05:48

    Great photos! The red looks so elegant and I love your new hair cut!


  18. Bravoe Runway
    2011-12-30 at 06:06

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen you without sunglasses, you look beautiful and your haircut looks great!

  19. Francesca R
    2011-12-30 at 08:58

    What a fabulous house ! And i like your new hair and the dress!
    Have a great 2012!

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    2011-12-30 at 10:23

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  21. swagga.
    2011-12-30 at 12:03

    Love your pics :)
    Really nice haircut!

  22. Joanna S.
    2011-12-30 at 12:49

    soo beautiful photos !!! lovely dog and the christmas tree :)
    you’ve got very pretty hair :)

  23. Bittersweet89
    2011-12-30 at 17:52

    Oh wow, love the decorations in your house! The christmas tree and the jar of lindor chocolates! Very festive :)) Oh and love your outfit too! Always chic :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) Hope you had a great christmas and have a happy new year! xoxo

  24. JOY
    2011-12-30 at 20:05

    everything is perfect.your home,your hair everything.happy new year :)

  25. Stasha
    2011-12-30 at 23:06

    Wish you a Happy New Year 2012. ♥ You look so diferent here, love the transformation! Decorations are beautiful!!!

  26. Caucau
    2011-12-31 at 02:21

    Love, love, love. Lovely house and the christmas tree is so beautiful. xoxo***

  27. Bela Monstro
    2012-01-02 at 14:02

    Just LOVED your oufit, your christmas tree and the decoration!
    Love the Christmas mood, beautiful.

  28. Masha
    2012-01-07 at 17:54

    Great pictures of your Christmas tree!;) and your outfit is very beautiful!

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