bittersweet colours
bittersweet coloursbittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours

 A new year begins with many positive and wonderful toughs. Wishing you all the best and in 2012 .



                                                                Coat: vintage
                                                                Dress: H&M
                                                                Belt: Express
                                                                Ankle boots: Zara
                                                                Leather bracelet: Louis Vuitton
                                                                Cuff bracelet: St. Thomas
                                                                Clutch: vintage

                                                                Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren





113 Comments on A first…

  1. Vladoa
    2012-01-03 at 14:21

    …si arati senzational!
    Intocmai cum ne-ai obisnuit. Imi place de tine purtand rochie :) Deci, rochia sa fie un must in 2012!

    te pup cu drag!

  2. rolala
    2012-01-03 at 15:43

    Happy 2012 Veronica! Gorgeous outfit to begin the year. The color of that dress look so pretty on you.

  3. MerciBlahBlah
    2012-01-03 at 16:23

    Guh. The whole look? Crazy bananas good. And the boots? Just killed me dead. I hope you’re happy.

    merci, and happy new year!

  4. Lucija
    2012-01-03 at 16:43

    I really adore visiting your blog. I enjoy all the photos!! Happy NY!!


  5. Leslie Quiros
    2012-01-03 at 18:54

    Loving those boots girl! And the dress is spectacular, not to mention those bracelets. Excellent outfit :)


  6. Mirthe
    2012-01-03 at 18:59

    beautiful layout and beautiful blog! I love your dress:) it looks great on you.

  7. Mirthe
    2012-01-03 at 18:59

    oh, and, may i ask what the font is you used? i’m really curious.

  8. Mani
    2012-01-03 at 19:10

    Looking great and fabulous! I really like how you combined all the pieces!


  9. Daniella
    2012-01-03 at 19:25

    Incredibly beautiful sweetie!! I am in love with the shape of your coat,so chic!! Love your style :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  10. Floortje
    2012-01-03 at 19:33

    beautiful dress dear! A tittle bit late but have a happy and fashionable new year!

  11. Sianna
    2012-01-03 at 19:56

    After your last post I’m really happy to see this dress in action. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Now I’m waiting to see the brown top as well =)

  12. Color Standards
    2012-01-03 at 20:26

    Love the color combination, very fresh while remaining warm for the cold weather

  13. Sandra van Doorn
    2012-01-04 at 00:24

    You look fabulous. And that black and white photo is absolutely stunning; it has the aura of a superstar shot… love it. Glad i just discovered your blog..
    xo sandra

  14. K. Cruz
    2012-01-04 at 06:29

    This is so amazing and elegant! Your shoes are fantastic and the color of that dress is so chic, love it!

  15. JOY
    2012-01-04 at 07:58

    you are beautiful,wonderful,I like your blog and your photos.kisses.

  16. Mery
    2012-01-04 at 08:59

    Beautiful dress…
    Nice blog…
    I will follow your blog…

  17. Francesca R
    2012-01-04 at 10:28

    I regret not buying those Zara booties! You look great with them and with that gorgeous dress!

  18. Gabriele
    2012-01-04 at 13:51

    I LOVE the colour of the dress, it is soo gorgeous, and love how you matched the nude coat and shoes. very pretty. ;) xx

  19. vanda
    2012-01-04 at 14:11

    I cannot believe this is an H&M dress!!! On you it looks like a very exoensice designer dress, love the way you combined it with that AMAZING vintage coat, those great boots and the clutch!!!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR my beautiful and sweet blogger friend!!!!!

  20. dimitri
    2012-01-04 at 16:32

    You look incredibly chic in this outfit.
    Lovely dress, the color is very nice. Your coat is so pretty.

  21. Jessi
    2012-01-04 at 22:23

    Wow, I love the turquoisey teal with the beige! The dress is stunning, you look gorgeous!

  22. Reichel
    2012-01-04 at 22:33

    Lovely look! I like it so much :)


  23. Sabrina
    2012-01-05 at 00:10

    precioso el vestido!! Feliz año nuevo ^^

  24. Kdotorg
    2012-01-05 at 02:47

    This is really great, you have awesome style. I’m really loving your boots!

  25. poziomka
    2012-01-05 at 09:41

    Love this outfit! The dress, the clutch, the boots… all of them are amazing!

  26. Grace
    2012-01-14 at 20:30

    omg…ı adore thıs color and you seem to be verry well

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