I hope everyone had a great week so far. I can't complain but I'm still waiting for the weekend and the chill mood :) I have for you today an outfit that I wore a few Sundays ago for breakfast and some market shopping and is pretty obvious that this is a weekend look.
Now you can see why I'm waiting for the weekend: to spend some precious time with my guy:)


                                                                                 Pants: Mango/ option Here  
                                                                                 Bag: Pulicati/ great option Here 
                                                                                 Shoes: Calvin Klein
                                                                                 Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren


36 Comments on Weekend look

  1. Vanda
    2013-04-18 at 14:04

    How I understand you Veronica!!!!! You are still SO chic even on Sunday’s outfits!!!! and I can understand that Bogdan fell in love with a gorgeous and nice girl like you.
    As always a kiss for yu & him!!!!
    Great pics BTW

  2. Daniella Robins
    2013-04-18 at 15:45

    Sweetie I love this look! The colours have been paired beautifully, each item complimenting the next and the flowers are such a pretty touch! :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. Smartificial Sweetener
    2013-04-18 at 16:00

    Love the sweater tied around the shoulders. The chunkiness off it stops it from veering into 80s preppy movie villain attire!


  4. ZADIN
    2013-04-18 at 16:33

    I love everything about this outfit. Congratulations to the photographer, pictures look so cool.

  5. The Love Hanger
    2013-04-18 at 17:53

    I always say I want to try this color combination and I never do. I love it. It reminds me of grapefruit. :) Hope you have a great weekend with your guy! <3


  6. Daysee
    2013-04-21 at 09:58

    Just planning to buy red pants, and see it make me believe to buy it. hehehe =D

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