Stripes and a burst of neon colors is a combination seen more and more lately; I just love this fusion and I enjoy wearing it over and over again. The brighter the better- this is a rule that I follow and it gives me a great mood :)
Have a wonderful Sunday and a great new week!



                                                                                 Pants: J Crew/ option Here
                                                                                 Pointed-Toe shoes: Zara/ a great version Here 
                                                                                 Bag: vintage
                                                                                 Bangle bracelet: Marni/ I also love this one Here
                                                                                 Top: vintage/ option Here 
                                                                                 Sunglasses: Foster Grant/ similar Here 


31 Comments on The mood: Neon & Stripes

  1. melissa ward
    2013-05-12 at 13:52

    The most gorge pictures!!!! Loving the look and how hott are those heels t-straps and metallic just perfection

  2. ZADIN
    2013-05-12 at 13:56

    Great scene, great combination. Congratulations to you and to the photographer.

  3. Anaivilo
    2013-05-14 at 10:19

    How awesome you look in those pants! I especially love the cut and the shoes are a perfect match! :D

  4. Not Just A Pretty Dress
    2013-05-19 at 16:11

    Stripes are always a good idea and you created a perfect look to style the neon trousers! BTW, the other day I bought a pair of bright orange/red trousers and I thought that you would be ‘proud’ of me..! Caterina

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