Bittersweet Colours




 Spring has come with fresh new ideas and a new wishlist to share with you. I don't know what I'm more excited about: floral dresses, floral shoes, off the shoulder shirts or pastel color bags. I let you decide what are the "must" have pieces for this season. I personally love them all with no exception.






1. Jeans: Here


2. Gingham Shirt: Here


3. Bag: Here


4. Shoes: Here


5. Red Dress: Here


6. Blue Bag: Here


7. Shoes: Here


8. Floral Dress: Here


9. Clutch: Here


10. Shoes: Here
















2 Comments on Spring Must Haves -wishlist-

  1. Pat S
    2016-03-29 at 06:55

    I like your picks. I so can see you in the blue gingham blouse and jeans with a fun patterned shoe.

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