Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet ColoursBittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours




                                                     Shirt: Liz Claiborne/
                                                     Pants: Mango/
                                                     Flats: Ralph Lauren/
                                                     Belt: Dockers/
                                                     Bag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke/
                                                     Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/
                                                     Ring: Vintage/
                                                     Watch: Burberry/
                                                     Bangle bracelet :Hermes/




83 Comments on Red and stripes

  1. Pop Champagne
    2011-10-08 at 14:33

    the stripe and the red pants go together really well! I love the bag that goes with it too, love everything about this outfit!

  2. A Brit Greek
    2011-10-08 at 16:53

    Gorgeous look! It’s funny, I was going to wear something very similar for FNO in Athens!

  3. Anonymous
    2011-10-08 at 17:04

    beautiful as always!:) love the bag and the watch,the bracelet too, of course ;) and, truly, the shirt is gorgeous!!!

  4. Jess
    2011-10-08 at 18:48

    This outfit is so chic – I LOVE the stripes with the bright denim

  5. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-08 at 19:13

    @Jess i love too this combination!
    @Anonymus thank you very much for this comment !
    @ A Brit Greek:I will love to see that look !:)

  6. dolceedamara
    2011-10-08 at 20:39

    Hi Veronica! Loving your blog and outfits!
    You have a new follower!

  7. K. Cruz
    2011-10-09 at 03:07

    That shirt it fantastic and I love your shades too :). Thank you for the birthday wish!

  8. Noelia
    2011-10-09 at 04:55

    Wao great combination! I really liked your shirt! I follow you, I like your style!

  9. Vintagirie
    2011-10-09 at 08:39

    I love the color of your pants. It’s red/orange like. And your sunglasses are really nice. I don’t like the shoes, but it matches the whole outfit!

  10. Plurielle
    2011-10-09 at 11:06

    I’m just in love with the whole outfit! Great combination of black and white stipes, red and leopard! Well done! Plus, I love the handbag ;)


  11. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-10-09 at 13:07

    Stripes and leo- wowowowowowhoooo u made it girl, u rock this combo!!!!!!:))))) Precious!!
    Jelena (

  12. vanda
    2011-10-09 at 14:00

    Another great look: I am a FAN of everything with STRIPES, so your shirt is something else!! Love the jeans and+shoes+ the bag♥♥♥

  13. Anonymous
    2011-10-09 at 15:19

    wow balerinele sunt suberbe, si eu sunt inebunita upa balerine te pup duminica placuta, giulia polyvore

  14. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-09 at 15:27

    Multumesc Giulia! te pup si eu si sa ai o zi frumoasa!

    Thank you ladies for all those nice comments!


  15. Marija - This is a fashion blog!
    2011-10-09 at 15:46

    Lovely outfit! The shirt is pure perfection! I’m in love cause I’ve been looking for something similar but never found :(
    I also love the combination of red and leopard print ;)
    I explored your blog a bit and I love it!
    Following you! :D Kisses!

  16. Borjana
    2011-10-09 at 19:16

    Love the contrast between blouse,red pants and leopard flats!Great casual outfit,babe!

  17. Sam
    2011-10-09 at 20:26

    Gorgeous outfit! I adore that blouse with those jeans. Amazing combination

  18. Joana Sá
    2011-10-09 at 21:13

    Hi dear
    Thanks for comment
    Lovely outfit, love the combination of black and white stripes with red, and the final leopard touch on your shoes are perfect!
    You have a great blog. Follow you now
    Would love if you can follow me too

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  19. Nura
    2011-10-09 at 21:24

    Like that combination!
    Great you, and adore that red Mango pants
    With love Nura!

  20. Stasha
    2011-10-09 at 22:08

    Pants look so nice on you, love this combination. And bag is adoroble:)

  21. Jamie Rose
    2011-10-09 at 23:56

    Wow I love those red pants paired with the striped blouse. The leopard print shoes are so cute with this outfit. Lovely lighting in your pictures too!

  22. samecookiesdifferent
    2011-10-10 at 08:16

    great look, love the combination, mixing prints
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  23. Vanja Milicevic
    2011-10-10 at 16:01

    stripes with leopard patterns is one of my favorites “print mixes” this year! it looks great sweetie!

  24. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-10 at 20:09

    Thank you Vanja !!!! it is one of my favorite too and i have one more ( polka dots with leopard) hope I will make one post with this mix !


  25. Anya adores
    2011-10-11 at 11:20

    Amazing outfit – love the red pants and that shirt – wow.
    Hope you have a sunshiny day,

  26. Julieta
    2011-10-11 at 16:33

    love that shirt so much sweetie! you look great as always and this ouftit is just perfect.
    And your Hermes bracelet is so chic.

  27. Luísa Lión
    2011-10-11 at 23:09

    haha without even reading what you were wearing I was like ‘ She looks like a model out of a Ralph Lauren Campaign’ LOVE IT! Nic eblog girl WOW! Just found it and honestly great styles!! Where are you from? And do you model?



  28. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-11 at 23:46

    @LUISA LION: thank you very much for this wonderful words,I am from Romania, living in USA..and no I do not model just for my blog :)

    @ Julieta I am happy you like this one ! I appreciate your comment.


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