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                                                   Cardigan: Mercer & Madison/
                                                   Jeans: Bullhead/
                                                   Leather Jacket: Martin +Osa/
                                                   Ankle boots: Zara/
                                                   Bag: Michael Kors/
                                                   Bangle bracelets: Vince Camuto/
                                                   Ring: Vince Camuto/




130 Comments on Rainy Day

  1. Jovana
    2011-12-13 at 12:44

    U look fantastic on first photo! outfit is so good.
    What camera and lens do u use?

  2. vanda
    2011-12-13 at 12:48

    Hi beauty!!!!LOVE your post, your GREAT cardigan(I want it!) and boots!!!!I though I looked good in spectacles….till I saw you! You are a BEAUTY, with or without glasses…..
    Love your style 2day!!!!hugs!

  3. pepa
    2011-12-13 at 13:02

    Amazing pics and oufit my dear!


    Kisses from pepa

  4. signature mix
    2011-12-13 at 14:27

    What an incredible look! The shoes and cardigan are gorgeous and I love that you layered the knit over a leather jacket. What a great way to stay warm and chic. Perfect color coordination too!

  5. sara
    2011-12-13 at 16:33

    u look so gorgeous!this combo with leather jacket and sweater on it’s more than genius!and the shoooes gosh!

  6. Ash Louise
    2011-12-13 at 18:10

    I love that you put a leather jacket UNDER that sweater, or I guess I mean that sweater over that leather jacket. Haha. Totally smart and stylish!!! And I also love those shoes. I’ve never seen shoes with two tones but then the black latching over to the other side. I officially LOVE this outfit ;)
    And your photoshoot was AWESOME!

  7. poziomka
    2011-12-13 at 19:55

    Those glasses are so lovely! And the complet outfit is amazing :)

  8. Hannah
    2011-12-13 at 21:00

    those are amazing shoes! i want them so badly

  9. Jessi
    2011-12-13 at 22:12

    I love the black and beige combo in this outfit, and especially love the pretty pattern on that cardigan. The booties are a great match!!

  10. HailesHeartsFashion
    2011-12-13 at 22:20

    Really nice outfit. Love the cardigan and the photos capture this outfit perfectly! I am now a follower :)



  11. Julie Khuu
    2011-12-13 at 22:35

    Those two-toned boots are AMAZING! Perfectly matched to this ensemble…your style is seriously so CHIC!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    p.s. Giveaway on my blog- Enter to win a FREE pair of shoes!!

  12. Daniella
    2011-12-13 at 23:05

    You look so amazing!! This is how you do winter chic!!! Your boots and bag are beautiful,the quality of your bag looks incredible. I must say i also love these photos,very inspirational! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  13. Kat
    2011-12-13 at 23:19

    wow this look is sooo amazing!!! love yoru heels! :D

  14. Ella
    2011-12-14 at 03:25

    Loved the look! Your boots are amazing! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I invite you to follow it!! I’m definitely following yours!!


  15. Skinny Moonstick
    2011-12-14 at 04:43

    You look so stunning in this outfit! i especially love the boots and the sweater/cardigan! Oh ,I would wear this on a heartbeat :)
    Good luck!

  16. Fashion-Bridge
    2011-12-14 at 08:25

    As usual beautiful! Great location, somehow it reminds me old western movies.

    Beige with back is a very classy combination. Loving the pattern of the cardigan! I think we all should dump this year Scandinavian prints and opt for the beautiful southwestern prints, like the one you channel!



  17. Moda
    2011-12-14 at 09:35

    Grazie per essere passata da me spero continuerai a seguirmi.

    Outfit perfetto.

    Baci Marcella

  18. dimitri
    2011-12-14 at 09:54

    Beautiful outfit and photos.
    Your glasses are very pretty. I love your nice cardigan too.

  19. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-12-14 at 14:06

    Well dear u do know how to wear glasses!;) Adore this pretty cardi and extraordinary boots!
    Jelena (
    p.s. Participate in a TeenyB Bikini Couture giveaway on my blog!

    2011-12-14 at 16:09

    so beautiful!! I really love everything.
    there is a nice giveaway on my blog, I hope you will participate ;)

  21. Beckerman Girls
    2011-12-14 at 18:41

    I’m just LOVIn’ those spectacles!! They are the best shape and sooo pin up! These pics just blew my socks off..they are fabulous! And the train in the background is sooo surreal and amazing! And those boots are killer hot!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  22. Miss Rubio
    2011-12-14 at 21:58

    Looooove this look. Would have never thought of layering a sweater over leather jacket…thanks for the inspiration. I want that cardigan. xx

  23. CR
    2011-12-15 at 01:32

    the boots..omg the boots… i don´t even remember what i was going to comment… those boots.. gotta have them. the only thing i can think about!


  24. mochaccinoland
    2011-12-15 at 06:37

    gorgeous cardigan!!! great boots too! and u look so chic & fab <3


  25. The Love Hanger
    2011-12-16 at 00:59

    Beautiful cardigan! And gorgeous glasses. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting. Please visit anytime. <3


  26. Morlee
    2011-12-16 at 18:57

    Most stunning outfit award goes to you! I love love love the whole thing.

  27. JRebeccaStyle
    2011-12-16 at 20:59

    The glasses! The sweater! The boots! Love it all, girl…and as always, you rocked the look! xoxo

  28. Jessica
    2011-12-27 at 15:31

    one of my favorites! the glasses are killer and this outfit is perfect in every way :)

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