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When it comes to preserve all my “photo memories" I am open to all the methods that are today on the market and, as you know, are quite a few. My favorites right now? Photo Books and polaroid photos (I guess are everybody favorites).
Speaking about polaroid photos, I had the pleasure to work with PRINTL and to receive some of my Instagram photos in polaroid format 3X4 in. It was my first time trying this format and now I’m obsessed.
If you haven't use PRINTL until now let me tell you a little bit about their services:

-For just $9.99 per month they will print 10 of your most popular photos from Instagram at a very great quality (and this is my true opinion after seeing my photos).
- Free worldwide delivery straight to your home.
Simple as that!

And, if you want to convince yourself I have a huge discount for you :70% for the first month of their services, just use the code PRINTL70 at checkout.
For more informations and how to subscribe, check their website Here.
P.S. I’d like to hear your opinion after you use PRINTL services :)

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