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bittersweet colours
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                                                       Sweater: Lands'End/

                                                       Jeans: Zara/
                                                       Shoes: Asos/
                                                       Bag: vintage/
                                                       Sunglasses:Betsey Johnson/
                                                       Ring : Glitterrings/
                                                       Brooch: vintage /





142 Comments on Pink & Green

  1. Sammie
    2011-11-12 at 13:11

    nice color for the shoes :) i dont often see people wearing green shoes but you really rock them :)


  2. Adele
    2011-11-12 at 16:54

    Hey Veronica! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) I adore this shade of green & it’s really coming through in the UK right now. Would love to have you as a follower & of course I’ll follow right back xoxo

  3. Despina A
    2011-11-12 at 17:59

    Thnx for your comment!i love your style!if u want we can follow each other..let me

  4. Nina
    2011-11-12 at 18:28

    my favorite look A+, you look super stylish, love the green shoes!

  5. Diane
    2011-11-12 at 19:33

    Another amazing color combination! I love the red sweater and the shoes are amazing!!!

  6. Jasmina
    2011-11-12 at 19:48

    You don’t just wear a star, you are a star, my dear! :))) Great colourful look. I love it!

  7. Iulia Romana
    2011-11-12 at 21:33

    Hello there – I’ve just found your blog and I must say I am in love with it ! I loooove the color blocking here and also the background is stunning :x Hugs !

  8. Oxana
    2011-11-12 at 22:32

    Wow, these photos so beautiful! I love your shoes and your star ^_^ :))

  9. Mary
    2011-11-13 at 00:03

    In love with these pictures! I love your shoes, they’re awesome!

  10. Cecylia
    2011-11-13 at 02:49

    I AM IN love with this outfit- you are the master of colourblocking!! I’m your newest follower :) Your green brogues are phenomenal, such a unique colour

    Come follow my blog darling! xx

  11. Yolandaas
    2011-11-13 at 10:46

    Thanks for the comment!! I love that u mix pink and red, a lot of people wouldn’t, but I think its great :)

  12. Not Just A Pretty Dress
    2011-11-13 at 11:13

    I love this colour blocking ensemble. And the broche is lovely: it has a certain Miu Miu (from last season)/Acne (for SS2012) inspiration!

  13. Nara
    2011-11-13 at 15:00

    Me gusta la combinación rojo+rosa :) Loa pantalones son geniales ^^ Feliz Domingo!


  14. Daniella
    2011-11-13 at 18:42

    Oh how i love this outfit of yours my dear!!!! The pictures are just as beautiful as your outfit!! So inspiring!!!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  15. Mary
    2011-11-13 at 20:09

    Omg!I love the color of your shoes:))
    Thanks for your lovely comment!Your blog is so cute!!
    I added to your followers:)
    I’m very happy if you follow me too
    Fashion tea at 5

  16. bubbles and windmills
    2011-11-13 at 23:12

    me ha gustado mucho el look color block! pero en especial es bloche de la estrella y el anillo!!!

    new look:

  17. Patti G
    2011-11-14 at 01:18

    everybody was saying color blocking was only about spring but it works for fall too!!! loove this outfit, specially the shoes!

  18. jamie
    2011-11-14 at 07:31

    you’re amazing! thanks for the really nice comment on my blog :) i am happily following you, doll face!

  19. Leah
    2011-11-14 at 13:29

    Those shoes are amazing! The whole mix of colours is genius. Great photos.

    xo L.

  20. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-11-14 at 19:10

    Love this look hun, so lively and fresh. I’m especially fond of pink and red combo!;)
    Jelena (

  21. Theresa
    2011-11-15 at 13:00

    Great combination of colours¡

    I like very much the touch of green shoes…

    Kisses from El Bazar de Theresa¡¡¡

  22. classiq
    2011-11-15 at 18:29

    What a fabulous colour combination! The shoes and bag are gorgeous. :)

  23. Renee B.
    2011-11-17 at 14:53

    Gah! These colors are so pretty together! Love the pop of the green shoe! :)

  24. LaraRose
    2011-11-19 at 16:34

    I love how you combinate al those amazing colors! Great job! I follow you

  25. GFS
    2011-12-22 at 02:15

    I just found your blog today…and I’m obsessed with your style!

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