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Bittersweet ColoursBittersweet Colours Bittersweet Colours Bittersweet Colours




Bittersweet Colours Bittersweet Colours Bittersweet Colours Bittersweet ColoursBittersweet Colours




6 MONTHS! Can you believe it? I'm still processing how fast baby Noah has grown and all the new things that he comes up with almost every day. The latest news and a big step is that he said "Tata"( in
Romanian means dad ) and "Dada", both words put a big smile on Bogdan's face...I'm still waiting for the magic word :)
Today I want to share with you not only these sweet photos taken the last 3 months but also what helped me to recover after giving birth and all the baby gadgets that make everything easier.



Favorite products FOR MAMA: If before I was sharing with you all kind of fancy cosmetic products and lotions ( that I still love :) now it's the time to confess that natural products are a real thing for me and it has been proven that they really help. I will particularly speak about products that I’ve tried and have comforted me since I gave birth to Noah. The Earth Mama Baby Angel are a must have / try products for pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding women and also products for babies. Hospital recommended organic and natural herbal products are the safe alternative to try and trust. I particularly love the relaxing tea, baby bottom cream, and mama's nipple cream. After 6 Months, I'm still using some of them and probably I will have them as part of our ( Noah and I) daily routine for a good while from now.
During my pregnancy, a wonderful and qualitative clothing brand was presented to me: Boob Design and you probably saw that I'm still wearing these pieces because are super comfortable. Latest post HERE. Comfortable is the key word while pregnant and also the following months after giving birth.


Favorite products FOR BABY NOAH: Beside the natural products mentioned above I also love using everything from Burt's Bee Baby Company. Essentials such as their organic cotton bodysuits Here, pajamas Here, blankets Here, bath towel Here, as well as baby bee diaper ointment and this one Here is best in my opinion, shampoo & soap Here and Here, moisturizer lotions Here and baby sunscreen stick Here. So, everything! Also, we love Gap, Carter's and H&M clothing. Our favorite stroller that meets our needs: definitely Stokke Here! And from this Norway company we also pick the crib Here, the carrier Here and the bath tub Here. As for the car seat, we picked the one from NUNA  Here that works perfectly with the stroller ( a big win-win ). From NUNA, we also love and have the "Leaf" baby seat and you can find it Here.
In the last 2 months I introduced Noah to regular, solid foods, mostly pureed and I found so very useful these food makers from Baby Brezza Here (I also have their bottle sterilizer Here -I LOVEIT- ) and Baby Bullet Here. Both very useful, not to mention that makes the preparation process so much easier and fast. It is a wonderful time in our lives and I really enjoy seeing him grow, but I have to admit that all these products and gadgets make everything easier and I'm thankful for that!
Do you have any other products to recommend? I will love to hear your opinion and advice because the process of learning never ends :)



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  1. Deb
    2015-10-08 at 14:58

    Happy half a year Noah… are absolutely gorgeous and are clearly giving your parents much joy. Beautiful photos and handsome blue eyed boys Veronica. Thanks for sharing. Oh, I love your sweater, bag and hat too!

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