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We are officially in double digits!  Happy 10 months birthday my little Noah!!!


Love, mami si tati!





10 Comments on NOAH 10 months

  1. Deb
    2016-01-22 at 16:20

    This post is delightful. You are becoming more and more beautiful every time I see you Noah. So cute in the suit, highlighting his clear blue eyes, with his almost as cute furry buddy…..heartwarming. Thanks for sharing Veronica. I love watching him ‘grow up’ through your blog.

  2. Pat S
    2016-01-25 at 12:27

    Veronica, Every photo is adorable. What is your dog’s name? You know I am in love with your little fellow Noah. My son had a couple snowsuits with the little bear ears too. They look like best pals in the photos. Happy 10 months. Pat S

  3. Diva In me
    2016-02-06 at 17:16

    Gosh..time flew by so quickly and he’s already almost 1! =D Happy 10 months Noah! =)

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