Bittersweet Colours

I was thinking for quite a while to make a Facebook Page, now you can find it  HERE !
For all the latest news, sneak peaks, follow me on Bittersweet Colours Facebook Page!






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  1. Bittersweet89
    2012-01-15 at 14:34

    Fabulous photograph! :) Congrats of your new facebook page! Sounds like a great idea :))

  2. VANESSA31
    2012-01-15 at 22:26

    I love that jacket, it seems of good quality, I look for this spring a leather skirt, black or brown? ideas, thanks!

  3. Ricardo Miñana
    2012-01-16 at 10:01

    Hello Veronica these beautiful,
    have a magnificent space,
    if you like the poetry I wait on mine,
    happy week.
    a hug.

    2012-01-16 at 10:11

    Oooh How exciting for you, I’m not on Facebook but succumbed to Twitter at the end of last year and love it!
    As for the Fashion Forward proj, good luck and have fun beautiful!

  5. claudia
    2012-01-16 at 14:54

    absolutely love this pictures, so glam and gorgeous. great shades

    thanks for your comment lovely


  6. Seamos Realistics
    2012-01-16 at 22:03

    good luck with Facebook! we can follow us here too if u wanna ;)

    By the way, nice pic!! sorry about comment in ur blog…problems with my pc!arghh


  7. naya
    2012-01-16 at 22:04

    iM so in love with your style <3 you are amazing darling <3

  8. Staff Piusc
    2012-01-17 at 00:48

    like this outfit, and you look great!
    Pass to me dear, i have a new post!

  9. pia
    2012-01-17 at 04:47

    great photo !
    wayfarers are my fave


  10. EJC
    2012-01-17 at 06:43

    Whoever takes your photos and is in charge of the art direction is amazing.

    Check out my blog and enter my first give-away!


  11. Anna
    2012-01-17 at 10:17

    nice blog! You are a beautiful woman and you have a fantastic style:)

  12. Jamie E. Anthony
    2012-01-18 at 18:18

    i made a new facebook page this past week too!!! i’ll definately check out yours!

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