bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
Burberry watch, Hermes bangle bracelet, Marc Jacobs watch necklace, vintage ring, engagement ring, Liz Claiborne earrings
bittersweet colours
 Cartier  perfume 
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
YSL sunglasses, my painting ... and COLORS
bittersweet colours
CC perfumes
bittersweet colours
Prada sunglasses
bittersweet colours
Thierry Mugler  perfume 
bittersweet colours
 My mom dress- now is mine :)
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
vintage shoes
bittersweet colours
 favorite makeup products
bittersweet colours
My favorites: Celine, Prada, Guerlain ,YSL. ST.JOHN, BVL, Givenchy, Boucheron, Lanvin, Burberry, Ralph lauren,
Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, Thierry Mugler, 
bittersweet colours
bittersweet colours
vintage clutches
bittersweet colours
Max Azria dress - runway Spring /Summer 07
bittersweet colours
Furla bag, vintage camel chair, leather gloves 
bittersweet colours
Vintage necklace with our photos from the wedding
bittersweet colours
Michael Kors clutch
bittersweet colours
MOMA ring/ lamp, book of lofts album,
bittersweet colours
Ray Ban sunglasses + monthly magazines subscription 
bittersweet colours
DIY jewelry 






86 Comments on NEW, OLD … I LOVE IT ALL!

  1. Paula
    2011-12-04 at 14:21

    Such amazing items you´ve got dear, I´ve got my eye on a few of those already! Have a fab Sunday! xx

  2. Psycho Cat
    2011-12-04 at 14:29

    Amazing pictures :)
    And those bracelets, shoes, boots, red dress… beautiful <3 :**

  3. Sammie
    2011-12-04 at 16:02

    the pictures are wonderful :) wow love every single one of them :) you have great ideas when it comes to taking pictures


  4. Daniella
    2011-12-04 at 20:26

    I love this post my dear!! The photos are lovely and it’s so nice to get an insight to you all your treasured things! I am the same i keep everything i but and agin don’t buy in the moment. Again sweetie beautiful post :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. amaya-t
    2011-12-04 at 20:27

    Vaya fotones!! Me encanta la de las revistas con las ray Ban…(LLLLLL)

    Un besiito desde amayaT.! :D

  6. AS Style & Design
    2011-12-04 at 22:39

    Lovely pictures and like very much your items!!! You have a fantastic selection.
    I have just met your blog and “felt in love” with it, so I am a new follower. I also invite you to visit mine and follow if you like :)

  7. Ulrika
    2011-12-05 at 05:46

    Such great pieces, all of them ! I absolutely love the details of your wedding dress. Gorgeous.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

    Kisses !

  8. Dora
    2011-12-05 at 07:07

    Gorgeous pictures and stuff!Those dotted vintage shoes are so pretty! XX

  9. dimitri
    2011-12-05 at 10:44

    Beautiful pictures. I love it all.
    Lovely Burberry watch, so stylish and elegant.

  10. rolala
    2011-12-05 at 14:14

    Thanks for sharing your favorite things. You have a great collection!

  11. vanda
    2011-12-05 at 14:22

    Loved to see your FAV items Veronica! I can see that in every detail you have Class,and STYLE!
    I am feeling much better, went to the Office this morning, and the kids at school! My husband was the best ”nurse”man over the weekend! God bless him!
    Only a gorgeous person like you can say nice things, the way you do….thanks my dear!

  12. Fashion-Bridge
    2011-12-05 at 14:28

    Going through this post I felt like 5 years old and in a candy shop…;) There was no piece which I didn’t oh and ah about. But my favs are those pretty polka dot vintage heels, stunning Max Azria dress, timeless Hermes bangle and your attitude of course!I’m a keeper myself and I know that it possible to fall in love all over again with the same (once seemed so old) pieces!



  13. Puchi
    2011-12-05 at 15:10

    Love the Plka dots shoes and the turquoise turtle!

  14. Christeen
    2011-12-05 at 15:12

    wow teh bangles on the photo. I wish I have them on my close for this weekend :) they rock!

  15. lover
    2011-12-05 at 15:39

    I love all of these things….
    I really love the top bracelets..
    And the Max Azria Top…

    Thanks for sharing…


  16. signature mix
    2011-12-05 at 16:07

    What a wonderful post! My favorites are your vintage polka dot shoes, Max Azria dress and Burberry watch.

  17. Erika
    2011-12-05 at 16:16

    beautiful vince camuto bangle!

    I follow u here , follow me please
    And I ask you if follow me also here because my google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  18. Karima
    2011-12-06 at 01:19

    lovely collection of items! love the shoes, raybans, and the sculptures


  19. Jo Bao
    2011-12-06 at 03:30

    Such a gorgeous collection, I love them all <3 Thanks for sharing these, they’re so fun to look at <3 I envy you!

  20. CMA
    2011-12-06 at 07:51

    thanks so much for your sweet comment! i really appreciate it! i’ll always come back and visit!

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