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                                                   Coat: Zara/
                                                   Pants: Old Navy/
                                                   Sweater: Gap/
                                                   Ankle boots: Zara/
                                                   Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole Reaction/
                                                   Cuff bracelet: Vince Camuto/
                                                   Necklace : DIY /




111 Comments on Neutrals

  1. fashion meets art
    2011-12-21 at 13:49

    love your necklace dear! everything is so nice in this look!
    the clutch is very beautiful, but i like your coat a little bit more than everything else :)
    pretty girl! :*
    lovely greets

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  2. Sammie
    2011-12-21 at 13:57

    great clutch :)
    i have just become a big fan of huge clutches,they are fabulous


  3. Vertiginoso
    2011-12-21 at 14:21

    AND this upper classy clutch (subtly) achieves to infuse an electrifying twist on your uber sweet § soft, wrongly icy outfit Here I must say Dear (“Kind aesthete’s uber approving look”) !

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  4. Puchi
    2011-12-21 at 14:40

    Along with the clutch and the necklace, the coat is my favourite piece! ;-)

  5. Daniella
    2011-12-21 at 16:26

    Wow this is so chic!! I love everything about how you have styled this look,the colour pallet,the proportions are just so perfect! Your coat is especially gorgeous. You have certainly inspired with this one dear :)

    Take care sweetie,Daniella xox

  6. Borjana
    2011-12-21 at 16:51

    Wow you look so chic,babe!The pants are amazing,I love that they are a little bit too long!Great clutch!

  7. Marija
    2011-12-21 at 18:50

    You look so beautiful and elegant in this combo!! ;)
    And clutch is great!

  8. Federova
    2011-12-21 at 19:12

    De fiecare data ma impresionezi cu pozele, atitudinea, TINUTAA :X. Si ce vreme frumoasa e acolo, te invidiez! ;))

  9. Hannah
    2011-12-21 at 21:28

    that necklace is so darn pretty

  10. Kat
    2011-12-22 at 02:12

    wow such a chic and classy look! :D

  11. Paula
    2011-12-22 at 03:29

    Gorgeous look! Love so much your jacket and your clutch <3

  12. Leslie
    2011-12-22 at 04:43

    stunning stunning stunning! I am in love with this outfit. Everything I am obsessed with.. from the pants to the jewelry to the clutch. So great ang perfectly chic girl!!


    2011-12-22 at 05:22

    Stunning chic look girl, love the muted tones on you, the wide leg trews and clutch!

  14. samecookiesdifferent
    2011-12-22 at 09:08

    you look beautiful, this look is made for you!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  15. dimitri
    2011-12-22 at 09:46

    You look so chic in this outfit. Very elegant.
    The accessories are perfect too.

  16. Cristina L
    2011-12-22 at 14:55

    Wow!! I love this coat!!!It’s so beautiful!!
    I just discover your blog and I follow you bcuz is soo cool :D

    Hope you want to follow mine too ;)


  17. Sara
    2011-12-22 at 16:32

    I really wanted to buy that coat (it’s beautiful :)) but in Poland is too cold for it ;) Anyway – you look amazing!

  18. ZombieLace
    2011-12-22 at 19:41

    This look is incredibly chic! What amazing trousers, and the clutch is just perfect <3

  19. Katrina
    2011-12-23 at 00:08

    You have me swooning again, I love EVERYTHING about this look and I don’t say that often. Absolutely elegant! :)

  20. Stasha
    2011-12-23 at 00:11

    Lucky you, the sun is so nice on the pictures..I mean the sunlight!:) Love this combo, so clasy and elegant! Clutch is perfect!

  21. CR
    2011-12-23 at 03:31

    Such a polished look! I don´t know anyone who can rock an entire light grey outfit like you!


  22. the golden rose
    2011-12-23 at 06:02

    i love this entire outfit. you look so chic. your coat is fantastic and i want your striped trousers. you look great! xx sylvie

  23. TarracoStyle
    2011-12-23 at 07:22

    thank you very much for your comment, I too have really enjoyed your photos and your style.

  24. Gabriele
    2011-12-23 at 14:04

    nice outfit – I love the coat, Ive seen a few bloggers wear it, but I love how you styled it the most. And ofcourse the clutch, is stunning, very pretty.

  25. Winnie
    2011-12-23 at 14:05

    Oh you look so chic, I really love the pop of blue of your necklace!

  26. Jessi
    2011-12-23 at 18:14

    Really great look! I love the brighter blue on top of the grey outfit, really makes it pop!

  27. WMBG
    2011-12-23 at 18:44

    wow great look and i like the combination very much! :)


  28. Mani
    2011-12-23 at 19:39

    Oh my, I loooove everything on you! Well put together and it looks very stylish and cool!


  29. Melissa Tchieu
    2011-12-23 at 23:48

    That bracelet looks just like HERMES one. COOL.

  30. Julieta
    2011-12-26 at 20:34

    I love this look!! that clutch is fabulous, and the necklace is TDF!!!!!!! wow! xoxo Julieta

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