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Sweatpants for days - or better said for a few more weeks until this baby boy comes out :) I don't have nothing against this piece of clothing but I am ready to go back to my old dressing habits ( and there are a lot of them to start mentioning...) But for now, those easy peasy pants work just well in order to feel comfortable enough on the street. And, If you wonder if I feel comfortable enough wearing heels at this time, the answer is: Yes, as long I don't have to stay on my feet for too long. You see, this is another - habit - that I couldn't put away while pregnant - heels, sweet heels-



COAT: Joe Fresh (old) similar options Here and Here/ PANTS: H&M, similar HereHere and Here/ SHOES: J.Crew, I also love these B&W pairs Here and Here/ BAG: Fendi Here and Here/ SUNGLASSES: Ralph Lauren Here 






  • Beehive by B

    Love how that yellow color pops-up :)) And those shoes are pretty :)

  • You look positively gorgeous! I admire your dedication to heels, not sure if I have that kind of fortitude to pull it off!


    • Thank you very much Madame Ostrich!

  • So pretty and such a wonderful outfit! Love it. And heels during pregnancy – you are used to wearing them all the time, so go, girl. You need to have fun during these months and feel pretty! Kisses

    • I totally agree with you Rossi. You have to feel great during pregnancy, is one of the most wonderful period of time in a woman’s life!

  • Daniella

    I love the way you dressed these casual sweat pants! This jacket is one of my favourite pieces of yours. You really do have wonderful taste and style :)

    Take care lovely,
    Daniella xox

    • Thank you dear Daniella! This jacket is one of my favorite as well :) Send you hugs!

  • Ksenia Nova

    Stylish and impressive)

    Welcome to my fashion blog!

  • Britt+Whit

    love the bright coat! those heels are so cute!

    love from San Francisco,