Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours


                                                        Shirt: Notations/
                                                        Trousers: Mango/
                                                        Sandals: Max Azria/
                                                        Belt: Dockers/
                                                        Clutch: French Connection/
                                                        Sunglasses: Ray Ban/
                                                        Watch: Mondaine/
                                                        Bracelet : Hermes/ Speidel/ no name/

68 Comments on Blue- Brown mix

  1. Birgit
    2011-10-12 at 20:50

    Thank you for your comment, yes I also love maxi skirts. just posted a post about maxi/midi skirts.

    Lovely photos, love your shoes!

  2. Stasha
    2011-10-12 at 23:53

    Congrats for the interview!:) U look amazing, as always!;) Love the mix of colors, jeans and dark nude!:) Perfect

  3. Stephanie Ayu
    2011-10-13 at 00:45

    i LOVE fashion by HE!
    Also, thanks for your comment. I hope you’ll stop by again ^_^

  4. vanda
    2011-10-13 at 06:11

    I like so much this look: it combines what I like to wear(Jeans!) in a very elegant way! I love the combination of denim & tan, these 2 colors go so nice together! One more time your look is amazing! Indeed your blog is a great source of inspiration! Merci for your lovely comment!
    Have a great day!

  5. sacramento
    2011-10-13 at 06:59

    You know what chic is, so thank you very much for your kind comment. Please, do come back soo.
    You are so lovely!!!

  6. Qhule
    2011-10-13 at 09:49

    Congratulations on your 1st interview, just read it,,,very lovely. I love this look, dont know why but I just love the pants more,,, maybe its how they fit on you:)))

  7. pepa
    2011-10-13 at 10:25

    Amazing as always!!!
    Love you pants!

    Kisses from pepa:X

  8. alexandra.samarina
    2011-10-13 at 11:23

    Hi dear!

    Thanks so much for your comment!
    Congratulations on first interview! Was nice to read:)

    Love how you mix the colors and always make a statement with a denim pop of color!

    And your sandals are to die for!:))

    I’m following your lovely blog! So glad to find it out! I’ll be very happy and excited to see you among my beautiful followers too!



  9. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-10-13 at 13:13

    Congrats on the interview hun!!!;) U look great as always, I love this simple but so nice outfit!
    Jelena (

  10. Sammie
    2011-10-13 at 19:22

    congrats on your first interview :)
    your outfit is cute :)


  11. Borjana
    2011-10-13 at 22:15

    Looove the pants!Looking great with touch of brown.congrats on interview,you deserve it!

  12. Daniella
    2011-10-13 at 22:16

    I can not believe i wasn’t following you sweetie!!! I really thought i was!!!! Anyway i am now :) Beautiful pictures and a stunningly chic outfit!!!!

    Daniella xox

  13. Fashion Tales....
    2011-10-13 at 22:29

    This outfit looks very nice, the blue an brown goes classically well, and I love the clutch! Congrats on the interview.

  14. Emma, Ella you pick!
    2011-10-13 at 23:01

    Ohhh love this look, suuuper fain!!! Can you send me a picture with this look, wanna save it to my inspiring looks??? :) Daca vrei….btw my Romanian isn’t that great lol haha

    xo Emma

  15. Julieta
    2011-10-14 at 04:46

    Congrats on your first interview and on your fabulous look!!! I know this is gonna be the first of many interviews my dear, I send you a big hug ♥

  16. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-14 at 12:41

    @Julieta thank you very much for your kind words!

    thank you all for those wonderful comments! I appreciate it !

  17. Charlotte Aimée Clarke
    2011-10-15 at 12:34

    LOVE the slouch jeans paired with camel; gorgeous!

    Thanks you for your very kind comment by the way; i’m studying journalism and some day hope to be a magazine editor :) -What do you do? Is it fashion orientated or is that a passion? xx

  18. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-10-15 at 19:12

    Charlotte thank you for your comment!! Fashion for my is just a passion and another way to express myself …I am a artist and I love to create every day something new .. I wish you all the best and hope in one day to be a great magazine editor!

  19. Marija - This is a fashion blog!
    2011-10-16 at 15:36

    I’m glad you posted this outfit cause it looks great! Your looks are always without mistakes! Never to much :)
    I must say that sandals are too cute! I would definitely wear them! ;)

  20. Vanja Milicevic
    2011-10-17 at 17:05

    congrats sweetie, thats nice interview, its great cause you mentioned bloggers around the world! :)

    those sandals are great!

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