Just a mini break from my New York posts to show you this WHITE outfit c/o Lulu's.com.

With Memorial Day approaching soon, I use this as an excuse to dress head to toe in white. This Summer I plan to wear all my white garments for sure. If you are thinking the same and you want to add some new pieces to your wardrobe, I have for you a VIP code to use on Lulu's.com website: they have great sales and with this code:VIPMemorial you will have another 15% off the sale on sale prices. This code is valid until the 23th, so hurry up to catch some goodies!



                                                                              Sweater: RD Style thanks to Lulu's.com/ Here
                                                                              Jeans: Makers of True Originals thanks to Lulu's.com/ Here
                                                                              Sandals: Chinese Laundry, thanks to Lulu's.com/ Here
                                                                              Bracelets: thanks to Lulu's.com/ Here and another great version Here 
                                                                              Rings: thanks to Lulu's.com/ Here


28 Comments on Lulu’s White Hot American Summer

  1. Yosilda K
    2013-05-25 at 12:26

    Such an inspiring post and the outfit is amazing too, total white – nice result!!

  2. Annick
    2013-06-04 at 14:09

    Wow, these pictures are absolutely stunning! Love the contrast of the white against the bright sunnies! GORGEOUS!

    Bold Subtlety

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