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After 2 weeks since baby Noah was born, is time to make his appearance, here on my blog.
I want to start by sharing a little bit from my experience of giving birth to this sweet little face. It was a long labor, a total of 2 days. Everything started on Thursday morning (nothing very painful), in the afternoon contractions where more noticeable but with intermittence so I was ok with that too. I cannot say the same thing about Thursday night and Friday all day, until 6 pm when I was asking for an epidural. After that all the pain was gone. Later on, at 2.22 am Saturday morning after 3 hours of “work”
:) we met our baby boy Noah, 7lb 13 oz. and 21 inches. It was an emotional moment and nothing else mattered... I just wanted to hold him in my arms.
Here are a few photos taken last weekend ( with my phone) but soon he will "meet" the camera photo as well :)

11 Comments on My Little NOAH

  1. Daniella
    2015-04-03 at 23:13

    Veronica he is beautiful! Big congratulations to you and your family :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. MissDevourer
    2015-04-04 at 13:15

    I have followed your blog for quite some time now, and was so excited when you revealed your pregnancy. With good reason, he’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Although I have not seen your significant other, I already claim he looks just like you! Congratulations on your beautiful blessing, and best wishes for a stress-free newborn transition. You make a beautiful mama.

  3. Deb
    2015-04-05 at 07:17

    What a pleasure to see these photos….he is absolutely gorgeous and looks so healthy…. and stylish as well. Thank you for sharing. You two have chosen a lovely old Hebrew name for him and I hope he always gives you comfort, as per the meaning of his name.

  4. Pat S
    2015-04-05 at 07:31

    So adorable, loved seeing Noah’s photos. Thanks for sharing.

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