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   I guess the photo above speaks for itself and we are more than happy to share the news with you: we are expecting our first baby, by March 2015! Our excitement is hard to describe in a few words; I can't wait to start this new chapter in our life, when the 2 becomes 3. When I found out the date, March 17 (even though I know is relative) I was all a big smile because on March 16 is my birthday and I cannot ask for a better present than a healthy baby girl or boy...
We both want to find out the gender of the baby when the time comes, and another 6 months from now seems a long time :)
I am grateful that until now I had a very easy pregnancy with no symptoms at all. Somehow it seems unreal but everything changed when I heard the heartbeat of our little one for the first time. Since then I knew is REAL and I am totally in LOVE...

P.S. ..... Mommy and daddy love you very much!



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20 Comments on We Are Expecting…

  1. Lady of Style
    2014-08-31 at 20:04

    I am so happy for you!! My son is 22 and my daughter is 20 and they are the best have in my life!
    All the best for you!

    Hugs from Germany,
    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Heidi Colourvibes
    2014-08-31 at 20:38

    Congrats!! So happy for you!! You are going to be a gorgeous and super chic mom!! can’t wait to see your look form no on!!! ;)


  3. Daniella
    2014-08-31 at 21:14

    Honestly words can not describe how happy I am for you both! The ultimate blessing! Congratulations sweetie, I wish you a healthy pregnancy :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    • veronica
      2014-09-01 at 00:35

      Thank you my dear Daniella! It is a truly wonderful blessing! Send you hugs!

    • veronica
      2014-09-01 at 00:40

      Thank you very much! I’m more than happy to share my journey with all here :)

  4. charleswandrews
    2014-08-31 at 22:49

    Cheers from all your friends and fans in Carlisle. Many hugs and best wishes! : )

  5. MissDevourer
    2014-09-01 at 02:35

    I am so happy for you! I have a little girl of my own who makes every day so new and exciting. It’s so amazing to truly see yourself in another human being. I wish you the best pregnancy, super healthy and easy for both of you and the baby.
    A child always fills your life with joy and love. And there is really no greater gift in life than the blessing of being in love every day. Enjoy this time because it will go by so fast! Best wishes to you and your honey.

  6. jessica
    2014-09-01 at 02:48

    Congratulation!The best wishes for you, your husband and your baby!
    P.S. I´m mom of four! :) Jessica from Argentina.

  7. thelovehanger
    2014-09-01 at 07:11

    I’m so happy for you Veronica!! You are going to be a wonderful mom! Congratulations and i can’t wait to see your pregnancy style!

  8. Au Fil d'Isa
    2014-09-01 at 08:33

    Congratulations! My daughter was born on March 11th so it is indeed a great time :) I remember hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the 1st time was indeed a true wonder. It made it seem so real! I wish you a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby!

  9. Deb
    2014-09-01 at 09:39

    Such a cute photo and sensational news Veronica! Congratulations to both of you. Look after yourself and I really hope the remainder of the pregnancy goes well. You have so much to look forward to…..children are such a blessing. It will be interesting to see how you ‘fashion’ your pregnancy. Regards Deb

  10. Anaivilo Borsa
    2014-09-01 at 21:06

    That is amazing!!! Congratulations to the both of you, this must be thrilling! :D

  11. Didi Slavova
    2014-09-02 at 08:25

    Wonderful news! So happy for all three of you! Congratulations!!!

  12. Marina Korelskaya
    2014-09-03 at 14:39

    congradulations from one newborn and “new mum”!!))) the best post of the blog!;)

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