Hello lovely readers!
Many of you asked me to make a tutorial about my DIY necklaces. Here is my new necklace, and I know that there are some of you who like it, so I decided to make a tutorial about that. I will try to explain all the steps.

 Firs step:
1. I used a sink mat:), yes you heard it right, I just saw this mat at a restaurant store and I immediately knew that I wanted to use it for a necklace. No matter in what type of store I go, I always look for flexible materials in different shapes, colors, plane or with texture; e.g. rubber ,leather (anything that is to craft)
2.Magnetic clasp is what I used, but you can use all kind of chain locks.
3.Craft plier and a strong scissors.
4. I used a leather strap, but again you can use all kind of materials that you like or have.

 The next step is trimming the necklace in the desired shape. You can make a long or a short one, depending on the design that you like. I chose a wide dimension for a statement result.

 After you have the shape that you wanted, it is time to put the straps and the magnetic clasp. With a little bit of glue you can help making the strap stronger and you know they 'll stay in place. Also, when you add the clasp, you may put a drop of glue.
And there you have it:)


A tip: with the remaining material, you can make a bracelet  or two:)
I hope it was easy to understand all the steps of the making process and I will be happy to see your result if you decided to try.