Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
                                                              Shorts: H&M/
                                                              Top: Merona/
                                                              Flats: Ralph Lauren/
                                                              Clutch: French Connection/
                                                              Watch: Mondaine/
                                                              Bangle Bracelet: Hermes/
                                                              Ring: MOMA Store/

46 Comments on Different lights

  1. Alina F.
    2011-09-07 at 12:37

    You look beautiful,as always!Love every single piece of this outfit!Honestly, I m so proud that you are Romanian!:x

  2. Sammie
    2011-09-07 at 12:39

    same thing for me,i never liked leopard,but now i already got myself flats,scarfs etc in this print :)


  3. Sianna
    2011-09-07 at 12:49

    The clutch is very interesting! It makes the outfit unique =)

  4. Borjana
    2011-09-07 at 14:18

    Leo print flats are a must have for this seasons,so yay for you!;)

  5. Veronica Popoiacu
    2011-09-07 at 15:24

    @Fashionable j. Yes I was born and I live in Romanial all my life, I am in USA just for 5 years, so yes I speak ;)Moldova and Romania have the same language with a smalls difference in the accent

    Sa ai o zi frumoasa( have a nice day )

  6. Janiece
    2011-09-07 at 15:48

    The Merona top really fits you quite well. Your shape gives it a casual elegance.

  7. Ms LadyCakes
    2011-09-07 at 15:53

    Bubble gum pink and tan – you look hot lady! I love bubble gum pink but I don’t think I have that color in my closet… something must be done!



  8. Meisha.Style
    2011-09-07 at 18:46

    cute shorts! love the pink with the leo flats!

    i just found your blog. adore your styles! following! =)visit mine when you have a chance.

  9. Anonymous
    2011-09-07 at 19:30

    i love the pop of colour in this outfit the shorts are lovely xxxxx

  10. Qhule Que
    2011-09-08 at 07:41

    Love the whole outfit combination, everything looks perfect, from the beige top, pink shorts, that lovely clutch to those leopard print shoes. You look amazing:)))

  11. Vanja Milicevic
    2011-09-08 at 14:01

    lovely! that shorts is great, but leopard flats are soo cute! and im glad that you started to like it ;) heheh, have a nice holiday sweetie, cant wait to see those photos from the ocean! :)

    p.s. you should try that hair tutorial, its super easy, its the best tutorial that i found cause she explained how to curl up bangs and put them on the side, so they can stay there, and i love the effect! :) so im waiting to see curly Veronica in future posts! ;) hihi

  12. Pearl
    2011-09-08 at 21:05

    Hottie! Well put together outfit!
    Love those falts! I actually really want some!


  13. Stasha
    2011-09-10 at 12:43

    Shorts is so cute! Love your outfit, and how u mached the colors!:) Kisses

  14. Daniella
    2011-09-10 at 19:00

    You know how much i love your style!!! It is an absolute inspiration!!!! You are so chic and so stylish!!! And You always know how to style proportions, colours and accessories!!!!! You are a definite favourite of mine!!!!!!

    Lots of love to you miss :):):):):):):)

  15. veronica picioroaga
    2012-07-13 at 12:36

    Hei Veronica P. ! I’m Veronica P. too :-))
    You look so ..absolutely fabulous ! :-)
    kisses from Romania :-)

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