Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet ColoursBittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours


                                                               Double cuff:  Citrine By The Stones
                                                               Sweater: vintage
                                                               Pants : Express
                                                               Bag: Margot
                                                               Sunglasses: Ray Ban / similar here 
                                                               Booties: Sam Edelman
                                                               Leather trench coat: vintage / another great version here
                                                               Gloves: Zara / similar here and here 



105 Comments on Citrine By The Stones double cuff- week 3-FFP

  1. Vertiginoso
    2012-01-25 at 14:03

    WOow AND these long brown gloves (already) make all the difference in terms of “day-to-day GLAMazon-ittude” Here I can’t help BUT say (§ widely approve) Dear !!!

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  2. Kathya Stryzak
    2012-01-25 at 14:12

    Buen dia vero!! ese sweater es precioso con el pantalon blanco se quedo una belleza!!! Besossssss

  3. Diva In Me
    2012-01-25 at 15:11

    The sweater is absolutely gorgeous! It is the color of this spring season too! You present it so well. Such casual chic =)
    I must say the double cuffs are something. I’ve not seen someone wearing that you carried it off so good with the gloves. I’m sure Spring will be so much fun styling up now =)

  4. Daniella
    2012-01-25 at 15:24

    You are nothing less then incredible my dear!! I have fallen in love with this. I couldn’t fault a thing,the styling is perfection sweetheart! The colours,the proportions and the accessorising looks so so chic! Wow that jewellery :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  5. Andrea
    2012-01-25 at 17:09

    such a wonderful outfit! i really like your style and i follow your blog now :)

  6. Nikell
    2012-01-25 at 18:13

    Two words… Super Chic!! I love this look! Fabulous, just fabulous (^_^)

  7. Borjana
    2012-01-25 at 20:12

    This is the best you’ve looked lately,in love!The sweater is to dye for and styled with white pants and brown gloves perfection!You look amazing on the pics!Love the location!

  8. M
    2012-01-25 at 21:34

    I love your arm cuffs and the nice sweater!

  9. Rachel {Da Paura ♥}
    2012-01-25 at 21:53

    Wow, this is so gorgeous. I love the cuffs over your gloves — so perfect and also adore these vibrant colors! I’m your newest follower and loving your style.


  10. Stasha
    2012-01-25 at 22:38

    gloves+ bracelets r so interesting, unusual and beautiful! Love the green on you! Cool combo!:)

  11. Preity Lama Tamang
    2012-01-26 at 04:32

    This is so GORGEOUS!! love how u styled this outfit…every details from the gloves, to the bracelet, the color of the sweater!! PERFECTION

  12. MK.
    2012-01-26 at 08:23

    Wow, that ouftit is just AMAZING.
    Thanks for your comment!


  13. Lauren
    2012-01-26 at 09:47

    Awesome cuff! Also loving the green sweater!
    Thank you for your comment xo

  14. dimitri
    2012-01-26 at 10:43

    It’s a very nice outfit. So elegant and absolutely chic.
    A perfect style.

  15. Cléo de Lucca
    2012-01-26 at 19:31

    Adorei conhecer seu blog.
    Seus looks sao maravilhosos!!
    Cleo de Lucca

  16. KATEFP
    2012-01-26 at 20:38

    another great look dear, as usual *.* kisses,

  17. comfyspace
    2012-01-26 at 20:47

    I like your blog and your style too. You;re like a diva <3

    xoo, Roxana @ Comfy space

  18. Dora
    2012-01-26 at 21:12

    Those brown leather gloves are just splendid,i love how you styled this golden cuffs! Xo

  19. Paula
    2012-01-26 at 22:27

    wow, this look is inspirational on so many levels! The whole leather in tan mixed with gorgeous bright green and gold is simply beautiful darling! xx

  20. VANESSA31
    2012-01-26 at 23:01

    I love vintage good quality leather, I’m thinking about rescuing a skirt I have…

  21. Kat
    2012-01-27 at 02:58

    wow such a classy look!!! amazing :)

  22. Noora
    2012-01-27 at 06:30

    You look amazing! I found your blog today and I like it a lot! ♥

    Have a great Friday! :-)

  23. Elekon
    2012-01-27 at 22:47

    awesome! beautiful colours and I`m in love with your sweater!

  24. *Glam Chameleon*
    2012-01-28 at 19:46

    This might be my favorite look until now, there is something that reminds my on the Old Hollywood!! Stunning my girl, stunning!!
    Have a great weekend!!


  25. Teodora
    2012-02-27 at 20:23

    I’m hopelessly conquered by this oufit! You look just perfect!
    In my opinion, it’s one of the best of yours.

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