Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours
Bittersweet Colours




                                                          Dress: H&M/
                                                          Cardigan: Vintage Sportswear/
                                                          Flats: Jessica Simpson/
                                                          Bag: vintage/
                                                          Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren/
                                                          Sterling cuff bracelet/
                                                          Ring : gift from a friend.





132 Comments on Black-Orange

  1. Michaela
    2011-11-06 at 13:48

    oh awesome as hell!!! :)
    you’re beautifull!!

  2. Charlotte Aimée Clarke
    2011-11-06 at 14:22

    Love the addition of the magazine!
    I adore fashion editorial mixed with nature, especially upclose wood grain; beautiful as always dear. xx

  3. JelenaR
    2011-11-06 at 14:29

    Wonderful dear,you are always wearing great…I think your blog deserves more readers.<3

  4. Antonella Leone
    2011-11-06 at 14:41

    you are really beautiful :D I love your outfit and I think that the orange is perfect on you :D ps:I’m your new follower :D

  5. Marcela Gmd
    2011-11-06 at 15:31

    Fantastic combination!!!
    Thank you for your visit!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  6. Qhule
    2011-11-06 at 15:36

    This is just so girly and I love it. You look gorgeous hun:)

  7. Ishea
    2011-11-06 at 15:37

    Dear Veronica, you look astonishing! I adore how the orange suits you and the photos are most amazing!

    Keep up the great work!


  8. Borjana
    2011-11-06 at 16:46

    Such a beautiful sweater,the color is perfect for fall!You look adorable in these pictures!

  9. Ulrika
    2011-11-06 at 16:57

    Love the orange cardi and the black bow !

    You look fab, as always. The playful pic with you twirling is my favourite <3

    Hope you’re having the perfect Sunday.

    Kisses !


  10. fashion meets art
    2011-11-06 at 18:05

    veronica my dear, i can see you have so many vintage bags..really nice stuff. love your bags! sweetheart, you have such a good taste! brilliant!

    and her my copy and paste text :D

    hello <3

    i have a new post, it’s a GIVEAWAY !!!

    it’s a MACARON and CHANEL giveaway!

    please have a look!

    lovely lovely greets,
    maren anita

  11. Janiece
    2011-11-06 at 19:35

    I love that you wear your dynamic bracelet on the outside of your sleeve.

  12. fashionItinerary
    2011-11-06 at 19:37

    Thank you Veronica for your amazing comment on my blog! It’s nice to hear it from YOU!!! loving the pictures and you’re clutch is to die for!! <3 now following

  13. Annabel
    2011-11-06 at 20:12

    that is the perfect shade of orange! you look seriously great :)

  14. Deppa
    2011-11-06 at 22:30

    Gorgeous outfit Veronica :)
    You look really lovely and femenine there.
    I’m really jelousy!!

    I hope you are having a nice day!
    See you.

  15. Daniella
    2011-11-06 at 23:18

    My dear you look incredibly chic and so very stylish!!! The colours and the styling are so fitting for this time of year!! :):):)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  16. yuma
    2011-11-07 at 10:06

    OMG,amazing look!Cardigan,tie shirt,shoes,clutch…you are perfect♥


  17. Parisienne
    2011-11-07 at 10:13

    First time on your blog!
    And let me said that it’s really nice and your looks so beautiful!
    Maybe we can follow each others!?
    Let me know if you want….
    Have a nice day…

    (Bloggin about fashion:

  18. Dora
    2011-11-07 at 10:41

    You look like Kristen Stewart in the third photo :P


  19. Leah
    2011-11-07 at 13:33

    You’re ahead of the game with that orange sweater, and it looks great on you! It’s going to be a huge trend for Spring. Great blog, I’m following.

    xo L.

  20. casual chic
    2011-11-07 at 15:52

    I just love your blog…you got a new follower:)
    take a look at my blog and follow back if you like;)

  21. Moda
    2011-11-07 at 16:34

    Grazie per il tuo commento sei stata molto gentile se vuoi possiamo seguirci. Baci Marcella

  22. The Electric Heart Girl
    2011-11-07 at 17:44

    awesome look.:) i love makes you look so vibrant :)

    folllow each other?
    i will def follow you back:)

    The Electric Heart Girl:)

  23. IT Blonde
    2011-11-07 at 17:57

    thanks for coment my blogg!!! im new here… hehe! Very nice your blog!! :)

  24. Daniella
    2011-11-07 at 19:06

    This is incredibly inspiring my dear Veronica!!! Everything about this is just so gorgeous!!!

    Take care sweetie,Daniella xox

  25. weak-point
    2011-11-07 at 21:09

    That’s what I’m talking about!
    Beautiful set and I see your smile almost in every photo :)

  26. Birgit
    2011-11-07 at 21:56

    all of your clothes are pretty I think. I love orange, that black dress below looks oh so pretty. Great style, again ;)

    Much love, B.

  27. rachelfelix
    2011-11-07 at 23:31

    Hi! My name is Rachel
    You commented in my blog (:
    You are so beautiful, i loved your blog!


  28. anna
    2011-11-07 at 23:52

    thanks for your comment!
    love your bracelet and your bag, a really great outfit!!


  29. viv b.
    2011-11-07 at 23:54

    that sweater is totally OMG!!!!!!!
    Vero, as i’ve said you rock!!
    your playful look is really creative and vibrant!!
    love it and that sweater is a MUST HAVE =)

  30. Patti G
    2011-11-08 at 03:39

    love this outfit and you look great in orange!!! thanks for your comment on my blog!

  31. YouCanBe
    2011-11-08 at 08:46

    lovely! thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other??

  32. *Glam Chameleon*
    2011-11-09 at 11:18

    This is excellent and so energetic combination, I’m so in love with that beautiful cardigan!! U look magnificent! kisses
    Jelena (

  33. Neide
    2011-11-11 at 22:25

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your look is great!
    Nice bag. And the color is also beautiful.

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