Most of you told me many times that "yellow" is my color! Well yes, I love yellow very much :)Here today is one example of how much I like to embrace this bright color in a retro inspired outfit.
I hope you like it and I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments and remarks. I hear you and I appreciate it a lot!
Pants: Zara
Top: Lauren Moffat
Bag: Joe Fresh
Sandals: Zara

34 Comments on A Retro Love Affair

  1. Sheree
    2013-06-03 at 12:54

    One of my favorite looks veronica, absolutely stunning. The legs on those pants are perfectand that top and that bracelet..gorgeous!!!!!!!
    sheree xxx

  2. Kassandra
    2013-06-03 at 18:55

    Love this look! So vintage inspired & wonderful colours! Have a great monday!
    <3 Kastles

  3. Daniella Robins
    2013-06-03 at 18:58

    Colour, print and proportions styled to perfection! I love this look my dear and I love the modern twist with those amazing Cooee pieces! I wore my yellow flares not so long ago also and you should see them on the blog, I think Thursday, so I look forward to hearing what you think ;)

    Take care sweetie and have a great week,
    Daniella xox

  4. Kassandra
    2013-06-03 at 18:58

    Love this vintage inspired look! The colour combos are fabulous too! Have a great week!
    <3 Kastles

  5. Diva In Me
    2013-06-04 at 04:38

    You are the queen of colours! You definitely know how to mix and match all sorts of colors and make it look gorgeous on you. Yellow is one of them for sure =)
    I adore that pants!!

  6. The Love Hanger
    2013-06-04 at 05:45

    Haha! I think any color is your color! But I am partial to yellow since it is my favorite! :) Those trousers are perfect and I love the fun printed top! <3


  7. Nicolene Richards
    2013-06-04 at 06:59

    This is an exceptionally beautiful colour combination, very striking and well balanced with just the right amount of accents! You are a remarkable dresser!

  8. Ashley Taylor
    2013-06-04 at 16:25

    Woah, talk about pants. These are definitely head-turners, and I wouldn’t have the cahones, but I love the color!

    xo Ashley

  9. Julieta C Venegas
    2013-06-04 at 17:35

    Yellow is a happy color!!! You’re looking stunning in all the photos above, gorgeous and happy! Send you a big hug my dear friend ;D :D

    2013-06-05 at 22:20

    The colours are perfect on you! Love the whole outfit – so pretty!

  11. Cloudline Chic Flows
    2013-06-12 at 12:18

    This ensemble has would have a huge appeal in any streetstyle blog and is truly influential in how you incorporate vivid colors together with a retro appeal! ;)

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