Bittersweet Colours









DRESS: Vintage, more great vintage  bow dresses HereHere and Here and a modern version Here / SHOES: J.Crew available in more colors Here / BAG: Fendi Here and Here / SUNGLASSES: Ralph Lauren, similar round style Here






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...And back in NY because the weather was so nice last week and we wanted to enjoy more of the "Springtime in NY". There are pops of white, pink blossoms all over and this time, we capture some spring flowers in my photos: tulips and daffodil on this beautiful Perry Street.





14 Comments on 64 Perry Street

    • veronica
      2016-04-29 at 04:29

      Thank you Natali. I totally believe you, I can’t stay away from NY for too long :)

    • veronica
      2016-04-29 at 04:26

      Thank you Lisa! These photos were actually taken on Perry Street where Carrie had the apartment (in the SATC ) :)

  1. viktoria
    2016-04-27 at 20:07

    Amazing dress and the whole outfit!


  2. Deb
    2016-04-29 at 13:25

    So striking! Your dress is perfect for you Veronica! Regards, Deb

    • veronica
      2016-04-30 at 21:59

      Thank you Deb! These dresses are comfortable as well, I could live in these dresses forever :)

  3. Fashion Briefing
    2016-04-30 at 07:09

    I like how your look evolves from the beginning of this blog. I follow you for three years now but I have seen each single post you published, as you astonished me so much with you taste for mixing colors. This is probably your artist sensitivity that guides you a little. Anyway, that vintage evolution really pleases me … Have a nice day.

    • veronica
      2016-04-30 at 21:56

      Thank you very much! I appreciate your wonderful comments and the fact that you follow my blog for so long. And yes! I’m all about mixing colors and prints and now approaching all these in a more classy/classic manner. I love vintage and everything from that time, so, you will see more of that on my blog :)
      Have a wonderful weekend!


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